How Monsanto Manipulates Our Government (featuring Abby Martin)

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  1. Simon Valentine | Oct 16, 2013 at 12:24 pm |

    the odd part is
    if X is so effective
    and anyone can do it
    where are all the people X-ing towards … where was that page …
    well i seem to have lost the page concerned with
    What Should Be But Is Not
    let’s go with a specific example…

    consider ‘mercenary group’ hired and washed to push things into “law”. given that One concerned about W.S.B.B.I.N has already realized the illegitimacy of various entities purporting to be law or lawful, what prevents any One from working towards a legit W.S.B.B.I.N. such as is merged with law to seek out and weed “law” that is neither legitimate nor maintained? why is it not the case that written law is correlated and readily available, as it should be, and in a manner so organized … that it can be navigated precisely according to necessary and sufficient conditions as put forth by, oh, say, the People?

    who is still stupid enough to believe that representation is necessary and sufficient? who actually “sends messages up or down the river” and expects anything other than a miracle or to be ignored? (tootsie pop ‘Syndrome’? third world warlord aka book of Judges? i distinctly remember that there was a smackdown..)

    it is as though some seek a natural emergence of law
    synthetic illegitimacy lauded as law is just as easily ignored by One as it is by Monsanto – does One have a sensical derivation of this?

    too much to say, not enough time

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