How Monsanto Is Planning To Profit From Climate Change


Not everyone is either worried or skeptical regarding man-made global warming. Mother Jones on how Monsanto is eagerly banking on it:

Data to help farmers grow crops in a changing climate. Climate Corporation, which Monsanto is acquiring, sells detailed weather and soil information to “help…manage and adapt to climate change.” Monsanto thinks the ag data business will be a $20-billion market.

Insurance for when it’s too hot, cold, dry, wet, or otherwise extreme outside. Climate Corporation currently sells both federally subsidized crop insurance and supplemental plans.

Drought-resistant corn. Monsanto lists the effects of climate change-related precipitation changes and droughts as a potential “opportunity.” This year, Monsanto started rolling out a new line of patented, first-of-its-kind genetically engineered corn seeds that are resistant to drought.

Cotton that needs less water to grow. The company is piloting genetically modified cotton that that can grow while using less water and survive drought.

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  1. bobbiethejean | Oct 13, 2013 at 6:34 pm |

    EARTH! WATER! FIRE! WIND! HEART! *waits* Aw. It didn’t work. :

  2. There is no evidence that Monsantos profiting on climate data is to the detriment if society. It may be but your angle is as biased as the corporate angle you deride. Try to remain objective and engage in inquiry not politics.

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