A Profit Margin is Daemonic by Its Very Nature

lazerbeamheatherIn the course of everyday conversation, if you were to make a remark about humans being controlled by nefarious inhuman forces, you’d typically get people calling you overly paranoid and probably accusing you of smoking way too much pot. On the other hand, you’d be entirely and quite demonstrably accurate. We have an expansionary agenda we’re all seemingly beholden to in one manner or another, and we execute this subconsciously programmed agenda through our desire to put up greater and greater numbers. Isn’t that what the stock market is all about when you get right down to it? Tracking our progress on breeding irresponsibly and churning out environmentally toxic bullshit? Hey, we made a lot of new soulless crap today. Numbers are skyrocketing. Where are we going with all that exactly? When wealth equality’s cartoonishly heinous and our government breaks, you’d think we’d start wondering now wouldn’t you? Go team nowhere!

As I was once informed in a colorful visionary trance (non stop magicks on the Facebooks, friend me), “we’re being forced to wake up”. Of course what this truly means is that we’ve turned our back on mysticism for so long that we don’t have a fucking choice anymore. We either wake up to the fact that we’re dreaming or we suffer. The world’s throwing surrealistic insanity at us at increasingly rapid rates to smoke us heavenward.

Which is kind of what I’m getting at when I call a profit margin daemonic. I can assure you that concepts of daemonic and angelic forces struck me as preposterous fairy tale nonsense until I started dabbling in the dark arts. You then slowly start to realize there’s a reason themes of duality reflect in everything you observe. Angelic and Daemonic, Chaos and Order, Crazy and Sane, Structure and Anti-Structure, Yin and Yang, Masculine and Feminine. Now, we typically look at these forces as warring entities, but from the Occult perspective it’s better to think of them as fucking. Hate fucking maybe, but sex is the primary force behind all creation, and these forces are creative beyond any measure of human logic. A lot of understanding internal otherworldly telepathy involves recognizing the visual communication that’s being presented by the imagery chosen. It’s like reading body language. A daemonic entity might look sinister, but that doesn’t mean it’s bad. It’s our predilection to binary thought modalities that compels us to categorize things in this manner in the first place. We also tend to think spiders look creepy, but that doesn’t mean they’re evil. They’re the only things standing between us and an insectile overpopulation apocalypse. We need those fuckers. But they’re not impressed by us. They know we don’t like them, they don’t like us, or moreover, they’re indifferent to us and we’re indifferent to them. If we stay out of each other’s way, we’re good.

One could define the difference between black magick and white magick as more of a difference between manipulating terrestrial vs. higher dimensional energies. Believe me, they don’t have profit margins in heaven, or if they do, you know, quote me the Bible passage that leads you to believe that. Profit margins are a force we’ve created on this level of reality to help facilitate action. It’s a psychological tool we use to make new weird shit and it works. I walk up the street and boom, new virtual GTA satire world at my fingertips. You click on Disinfo and I’m fucking with your head (also on Twitter). These things wouldn’t exist without a profit margin driving them. It’s great art, but as with all great art, it’s also destined to show us what we need to hear rather than what we want to. The corporate media’s been feeding us those hollow calories for years. Consumerism’s failing and it shouldn’t be surprising as to why. It’s driven by daemonic forces (and yes, I put the a in daemonic because I think the word’s been a bit well, demonized over the years).

When was the last time you ever heard anyone in the popular media talk about the philosophical underpinnings of money? I mean seriously. You hear a lot about numbers and not much about the reasons behind it all. Doesn’t fit the agenda of the climbing numbers. And yet, the concept isn’t bad in theory, in fact, it’s all about unity. The idea is that we create a system by which individuals are rewarded based on their contributions to society but here’s something that everyone knows because it’s so glaringly obvious: money does not reward people for their contributions to society in any rational way. That’s what it’s designed to do, and it doesn’t work…at all. The fatal flaw is that those who accumulate massive amounts of wealth have a disproportionate influence on society and they use this influence to guarantee that the game’s rigged in their favor forever and ever. It’s been going on this way ever since we can remember. Jesus was certainly pissed about it.

Now again, if we’re going to talk about things being daemonic, all I’m saying is that a profit margin, absolutely, positively DOES NOT GIVE A FUCK ABOUT HUMAN SUFFERING. It is completely devoid of human emotion or empathy. It has no problem creating hell on earth if that means putting up bigger stats. I think by most people’s definition, thaaaat’s demonic. And this is what we spend all of our time slaving away for (often quite literally). Something that doesn’t care if we live or die as a species. It doesn’t care who gets tortured. All it cares about is going up. We designed it to do that. It’s how we commit heinous atrocities right from the creature comforts of our own petty first world problems. Wasn’t me man, it was the money. Just business. We’ve taken ourselves out of the problem and made corporations into the people who do our dirty work for us. What is the behavior of corporations dictated by? Profit for investors. Shit’s gotta keep going up. Does this behavioral justification lead to the most horrific of ungodly atrocities? Fuck yeah it does! Why do you think we go to war? Wall Street is all over it.

And you know what? I have a minor amount of empathy for the people on Wall Street and the super rich in general. A basic study of social psychology should essentially illuminate the fact that people are alarmingly conformist. Very few have much of an ability to dissolve the confines of the persona they’ve adopted and break on through to the other ride. People tend to go with the crowd. I have no idea what it’s like to grow up pampered beyond belief. From their perspective, they’re winning this game we’ve created. What would they be apologetic about? They’re like, “hey, there’s this game that we’ve been taught, and we are kicking the living crap out of you at it. You want us to apologize for being way better than you at something?” They get rewarded for all of this Ayn Rand/Church of Satan psychosis I might point out. We kiss their asses for behaving horribly and beg for tiny bits of the runoff. How many people are mentally strong enough to seriously question the thing everyone else is praising them for? I suppose it’s the same reason when I look at a 20 year old from nowhere America keeping her second kid I just have to shrug my shoulders. I have no idea what it’s like to come from that world. They’re just doing what the people around them are.

Which is why the legalization of psychedelic drugs should be of paramount importance at this particular moment in human history. They’re the most effective way of forcing people to question the supremacy of their narrow micro narratives. I know, completely off everyone’s political radar with all the unpleasantness going down. How is this relevant? How is it not relevant? Consumerism is destroying us and a shift toward shamanic philosophy’s the only antidote.

Let me put it this way, if you must subscribe to the idea that consciousness is rooted in the brain, then our brains can do a lot of weird ass shit that we intentionally program them not to do. That’s not a debatable opinion. Absolute fact. What, are you going to say ayahuasca, DMT, and acid aren’t things? Go read up a bit on that. What about out of body experiences? Near death experiences? Lucid dreams? I don’t know what to tell you. If you must insist it’s the brain, then again, the brain can do a lot of hyper-weird shit.

Why don’t we study this? There’s no money in it. As someone who’s experimented with a lot of this strangeness I can tell you, sort of makes owning a mansion you don’t share with the world seem like the most pathetically small minded life goal imaginable. And that’s what’s behind this population spiking insanity when you get down to brass tacks. People wanting to live these exorbitant consumerist lifestyles they’ve either grown up in the midst of or been fed to emulate on TV. No one ever tells you to try and attain internal godhood. That’s exactly the way the profit margins want it. Remember free love? Of course you don’t because the war machine beat it out of history.

But it’s not just drugs, as someone who’s read a reasonable amount regarding the history of organized psi research, let me sum it up for you a bit.

Military Remote Viewing Research – Essentially proved the reality of hive mind interconnected consciousness, failed to weaponize it or come up with a way to otherwise turn a profit. Project discontinued.

Sony’s Psi Research – Proved the existence of conjoined consciousness. Couldn’t figure out a way for it to make money. Project discontinued.

Princeton PEAR Research Labs – Showed interaction between consciousness and things like random number generators. Project discontinued. Couldn’t figure out how to make fat stacks.

These are the things that could destroy the daemonic forces of obsessive profit gouging we’ve embedded in the darkest reaches of our psyches. How do you sell people on consumerism when they know there are greater things they can achieve by manipulating their own brain chemistry for free? This is the higher dimensional magick we’re currently oblivious to. We’ve been far too fixated on the flashy terrestrial stuff for far too long—cornered ourselves into a blind alley chasing profits. We’re going to need an expanded imagination to solve our way out. Legal weed is certainly a great step in the right direction, but we’ve got to continue to expand.

These are daemonic times. An expansionary demi-urge has embedded itself deep within us and it’s fueling our directionless psychosis. We need to get it under control. We can’t just keep blaming it on the money, because eventually the money looks back into our souls and tells us we created it. The fear is teaching us.

It’s fascinating. The more I’ve ventured down these avenues of inquiry the more I find myself thinking about the book of Genesis. That’s the book where God punishes us for attaining sacred knowledge regarding the material world at the suggestion of a serpentine (daemonic) entity. As I recall, God’s a total dick about the whole ordeal and says we now have to slave away tilling the soil in this materialist prison we’ve created for ourselves by taking the snake drugs he specifically forbade. He’s all like, “If you all want terrestrial knowledge, here you go motherfuckers, choke on it”. As I’ve opined a billion times before, the spiritual ignorance of the human species certainly seems conspiratorial, and there it is. God’s conspiracy, right in our supposedly holy books, resonating through the consciousness of so very many. How could they be so completely oblivious to all the occluded intrigue? What is it that we lost when God banished us from the Garden of Eden? What did we gain from our reptilian alliance with the lower earth dimensions? Challenging the dark forces of profit driven avarice is the only way we can transform these questions into mysterious and more advanced psychic awareness. Continuing to play the skyrocketing numbers game will only drive us increasingly insane and the obviousness of this madness is designed to snap us the fuck out of the plague of blind expansion we’ve been cursed with. On the other hand, man are there a billion great albums out there these days. If everything burns, I suppose it’s been a good run.

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Thad McKraken

Thad McKraken

Thad McKraken is a psychedelic writer, musician, visual artist, filmmaker, Occultist, and pug enthusiast based out of Seattle. He is the author of the books The Galactic Dialogue: Occult Initiations and Transmissions From Outside of Time, both of which can be picked up on Amazon super cheap.
Thad McKraken

28 Comments on "A Profit Margin is Daemonic by Its Very Nature"

  1. Gnome Voynich | Oct 11, 2013 at 6:13 pm |

    So a daemonic will, or yin, is going up and up, stepping on the backs of a kneeling human stairway to heaven – in the hope of reaching nirvana or creating it’s own personal heaven on earth.

    But it fails by default because it forgot, you can only have heaven on earth if it includes everyone. There’s no point climbing the ladder upward, as you’re already here. If we all stopped grasping, we’d all realize that, and the Garden of Eden would be revealed once more.

    • Simon Valentine | Oct 11, 2013 at 6:26 pm |

      “The paths to nothing are eternity, and nihilism’s sweet sweet symmetry.”

      What forces compressed against the living have yet to speciate after death, a mere respite in this ulterior design, this universe. Much like the stomped Calvatia gigantea.

      Even death breeds.

      Or so whispers Malachor Five.

      • gustave courbet | Oct 12, 2013 at 5:18 pm |

        Interesting graphic. Care to exposit?

      • Cortacespedes | Oct 12, 2013 at 7:12 pm |

        And both “paths” lead to the same place. One giant corporation.

        Better to “bushwhack” and just say “no” to ideological “kool-aid”.

  2. Simon Valentine | Oct 11, 2013 at 7:20 pm |

    with the occluded comes the orthographic, though skeletons are not always so becoming. integers or cats? (let’s not be too jack-in-the-box) Vexamorph (orthographic transposition cypher block). representation theory. written language. pattern identification. the brain and the mind. math? religion? noun? object? Beetle Juice (sort of like a Feynman integral, but entirely more like the movie). speaking of beetles – grasshoppers. locusts. what kind of computer is the swarm? a Kerrigan? an Abaddon? coagulation or representation versus their equality is one minde warp.

    it is as though the hive mind(s) seek(s) such a singular answer as to bypass it once and for all, as if repeating the Aten scenario and the Amun to follow. hell in a hand basket. as if hunting. as if hungry. eclipse. modulus. clocks. breeding. magic similarly comes in seasons, cycles, epicycles, orbits of orbits of orbits of … illusions on a mystical plane (shapelessness & mathematics?). notice how many meanings we can derive for the first sentence of this paragraph simply by examining the four options of the (s) and (s). no s and no s as “command”, “prerogative”. s and s as muli-tasking. s and no s as many groups acting towards the singular. no s and s as (indeterminable boundaries?) a computer algorithm (beetle juice?).

    i have been following the way of the spider of late, off on a tangent with this indra, this indris, this unification theory of worship, meditation, mana, doctrine … physics, math … game design … politics … extraterrestrial expansion project … :O

    consider that not all profit margin is the power-point “bar graph” of colored vertical rectangles – instead, one may think in “bumps”, as you say, that psychological influence, as being “timed” to cause “resonance”. think … indris singing. indris as a mythological ex-indra figure – a god, judge, arbiter of the demonweb – the daemon web – the 3d internet – the game world – the real world internet (like how twitter is the people google).

    “there is no overmind” is not something that should be true if it is true. what you say is true and good. what you speak of in taking our selves out of the equation – this is seen in elementary school mathematics. now i can see it like the sort of inverse of a vexamorph that that “hell cube” movie theme could be. so to speak *shrug*. so then the elementary. it is that way of testing that is not intelligent, the “you must be the line connecting question A to answer B, and there is absolutely no other way” also the “multiple choice”. and suddenly the “state tests” which though i have not seen lately, if i remember correctly, may as well have been written by me while rambling and on many drugs. this terrible way is not education and persists throughout college as well. in fact, it is not a segregate phenomenon at all – is permeates not only this country. just the other day i ask a question that was not in the orthodox format and get reply “not here to do your homework”. but now i ramble. apologies. it seems that the mantra is “you are automatically stupid” because this is how we drive the baseline into the dirt so that we can play ball and shout “emperor!” while eating bread with our thumbs and watching the gladiators drive [profit margin].

    consider not mental strength for proportion itself is ill! consider the aristotle and that the angel and the fool, being one, are played upon by more than mere dichotomy! by life! by me, and you! by you! and i see not the difference save what is written on the eclipse!

    “perform a psyopsy on both of these humpity dumpitys to find out which one was psychotic” … “was dum or dee the insane one” .. blah blah blah all excellent opportunities to read the title on the spine that they are, the spine that is paradox, for it crosses all pages of the book and is also not the cover. remember how to crush the life out of djed and recall how to restore it.

    Sampson vs Nero! throw them in the pit! winner goes to The Island!

    • Simon Valentine | Oct 11, 2013 at 7:24 pm |

      i just realize

      Schrodinger’s cat was in employ in religion as confession and now become interrogation … softer version used all the time in normal communication

      also relate – witch trial, exorcism,

      even tricks up sleeve of Einstein! heh. that’s just me being mean to dead guys. Alan Turing and John Nash have more importance than myths. if only could forget all “names” and “origins”. fractal vision 🙂

      • Calypso_1 | Oct 12, 2013 at 2:26 am |

        Do you think the cat has transdimesional T. gondii?

        • Simon Valentine | Oct 12, 2013 at 8:31 am |

          good point. fits the “bug zapper” scenario, too.

          perhaps domestication is due to a parasite.

          • Calypso_1 | Oct 12, 2013 at 3:01 pm |

            That is my theory.

          • Simon Valentine | Oct 12, 2013 at 3:52 pm |

            “fighting from the outside in is not something losers are accustomed to doing”

            said no sun tzu 0.o

          • Calypso_1 | Oct 12, 2013 at 4:33 pm |

            hmmm, that too is a notion that I have about most persons classified as ‘winners’.

          • Simon Valentine | Oct 12, 2013 at 4:39 pm |

            old school WWF

            i’ve always been fond of the idea of re-opening a seasonal gladiator pit. it is not good to have a twinkie with no filling.

            kivar, alon. kivar.

          • Calypso_1 | Oct 12, 2013 at 5:27 pm |

            The starfish are a nice touch.

  3. AManCalledDa-da | Oct 11, 2013 at 11:18 pm |

    There is no duality in your ultimate spiritual reality, only in The Illusion. Duality keeps you constantly looking at effect, and not cause. You are a non-local being having a local experience.

    • Gnome Voynich | Oct 12, 2013 at 3:54 am |

      For The Illusion to keep going, for duality to keep going, each needs the other to keep playing. This is the effect.
      But if the other is not as other as it would seem then, you’re a non-local being playing hide and seek with itself. This is the cause (maybe).

  4. Gnome Voynich | Oct 12, 2013 at 4:40 am |

    In regards to the ‘legalization of psychedelic drugs’ paragraph.
    Plants are the original teachers – or reality keys. Plants have some unified consciousness communication going on too. They’re aware of each other’s presence even if one is in a vacuum jar covered with blanket – it will know if there is a pepper plant on the other side of the jar or not, and grow better or worse accordingly.

    Whatever plants are, they seem to be a baseline of consciousness. We as animals are product of them. If you want to put a hierarchy on it (you don’t have to), they know more than we do, so they are higher up than us.

    Plants may be yet another concept fashioned into existence by the 1 mind that creates all this and other duality realities. So it would be the 1 mind that is also making them and other ‘narrow micro narrative questioning’ things illegal.

    It’s as if the 1 mind doesn’t want to know itself, but it sort of does, but it doesn’t really, it would quite like to, but not quiet yet. Lord make me holy, but not yet.

    • ever hear of the ancient Manichaean heresy concerning their beliefs that plants are the highest form of consciousness and the Manichaean’s goal was to either live perfectly, like a Tree, in this life or be reborn as a plant in another incarnation

  5. Thomas Conradi | Oct 12, 2013 at 8:53 am |

    Sorry, but they paid me a-lot of $$ to inform on you.

    • kowalityjesus | Oct 14, 2013 at 12:17 pm |

      LOL who are “they”

      • Thomas Conradi | Oct 14, 2013 at 4:23 pm |

        LOL They know who ‘they’ are. They are the ones with all the booty, and they want to made aware of any sole person who can see through their disguise. -oops I’ve said too much already; aawh man, that’s gonna cut into my profits.

  6. I actually “wrote” (it’s kinda all in my head in broad strokes) about something that I think is relevant. I won’t bore you with the details, but the main idea is that there’s a book that a plane shifting half-daemon/half-human thief (I’ll use the a as well) stole from a daemon and traveled to a material plane, where the book was taken by the local people, who worshiped its power. It turns out that the daemon who owned the book intended for it to be stolen, and engineered the events that led to it falling into the hands of the people that would become supplicants and eventually give the daemon physical form. And that’s pretty much my philosophy on most organized religion that centers around a deity.

    • Simon Valentine | Oct 12, 2013 at 11:30 am |

      so a retro-inter-active story form wouldn’t cook your noodle? i’ll wonder if you’ve seen “Inception”. as for the doctrine, note, perhaps, that Daemon is not bound to a sole intent – that time and limit are human is a shot into the dark. was it shot in the dark? a shot? a book?

      given parallel processing intents, what of the vantage points? ask which link in the chain broke. ask which chain in the mail frayed. ask who’s arrow it was and know we look back in parallel, parallax, and all manner of contrivance available, even if through to dark to the knee! :O

  7. It does seem more and more people are waking up to the realization of the Demiurge and our entrapment down here In the material cosmos

  8. not to overly subscribe to the notion that consciousness is rooted in the brain… but since the article begins with a look at the “profit margin” and its unfortunate influence…

    In the beginning (lovely phrase eh?) people traded things that actually existed. Real things (like food and labor) as opposed to the imaginary things we deal in these days (like security or ideological superiority). Both sides could profit from a trade because of relative values. For example: if I am a potter and have lots of mugs but no beer to put in them — and you are a brewer who has lots of beer but no mugs to put it in — we make a trade and we both come out ahead. We both profit.

    Profit margins didn’t exist until we started using money, which is just a symbol. We have pretty much fallen for the illusion that the symbol is the real thing i.e. money = wealth. Paper money is useless by itself. It’s not even any good for blowing your nose or rolling a joint or wiping your ass… yet we devote our lives to the acquisition of more and more of it. Most of the money (as pieces of paper) we never even see anymore. It’s just digital symbols on our paychecks and bank statements… like symbols of the symbols.

    We do the same thing with other stuff that was once real, but since we came up with symbols for them, we have been seduced by the symbols and forgotten what real wealth is. The evolution of the human brain has made this possible. We are symbol using creatures. We have words and numbers and other symbolic languages, and we tend to become infatuated and completely distracted by the symbols and disconnect them from the realities that they symbolize.

    We do with symbols what we do with Frank’s Hot Sauce… we put that shit on everything. From a biological evolution perspective, the awakening we need is to recognize that we do this and get smarter about it.

    edit: see this brilliant article by Glen Ford of Black Agenda Report

  9. kowalityjesus | Oct 13, 2013 at 6:18 am |

    “Believe me, they don’t have profit margins in heaven, or if they do,
    you know, quote me the Bible passage that leads you to believe that.”

    Challenge accepted….

    IF righteous souls are ‘revenue’ and
    IF converted sinners are ‘profit’
    THUS: “I tell you that in the same way there will be more rejoicing in heaven
    over one sinner who repents than over ninety-nine righteous persons who
    do not need to repent.” Luke 15:7
    I guess all the angels and saints would then be shareholders.

    By the way, great article Thad. Also REALLY appreciate your posts on Facebook.

  10. I do envy people of a mystical nature, I really do. It must be nice to be able believe that there’s a way out of the trap we’ve made for ourselves. I don’t buy all that crap about drugs = enlightenment, but since its all pretty much signed and sealed anyway, I suppose stoned is as good a way to ride out the end of things as any….

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