Pyrrhic Victories: Medal of Honor Recipient Unemployed and Struggling With PTSD

The plight of Capt. William Swenson: Yet another shameful example of how the United States government treats its “heroes”. Via Christian Science Monitor:

Since he retired from the Army, Swenson has made no secret of the fact that he has struggled with combat stress. He is currently unemployed, though he has applied to go back to the military on active duty status, and says he often likes to escape to the mountains where he can find solitude.

He told one reporter he specializes in Pyrrhic victories – wins that comes at such a devastating cost that they are indistinguishable from defeat.

  • BuzzCoastin

    ignoring the plight of the veteran
    & denying and culpability or responsibility for that plight
    is a long standing tradition in the Land of the Free
    that goes back to the revolutionary war

    fortunately for Der Homalnd’s Armies
    that perspective is never taught in schools