Did RFK Steal John F. Kennedy’s Brain?

jfkThe New York Post reports on one of the world’s most sought-after missing brains:

John F. Kennedy’s noodle didn’t get buried with him. “Not all the evidence from the assassination is at the National Archives. One unique, macabre item from the collection is missing — President Kennedy’s brain,” writes James Swanson.

During JFK’s autopsy at Bethesda Naval Hospital, the brain was placed in a stainless-steel container with a screw-top lid. “For a time, the steel container was stored in a file cabinet in the office of the Secret Service,” writes Swanson.

The brain was later taken to the National Archives, where it was “placed in a secure room designated for the use of JFK’s devoted former secretary…In October 1966, it was discovered that the brain, the tissue slides and other autopsy materials were missing — and they have never been seen since.”

An investigation ordered by then-Attorney General Ramsey Clark failed to recover the missing brain — which remains unaccounted for today. But it did “uncover compelling evidence suggesting that former Attorney General Robert Kennedy, aided by his assistant Angie Novello, had stolen the locker,” according to Swanson.

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  1. emperorreagan | Oct 21, 2013 at 2:04 pm |

    Almost as important: Did he eat it?

  2. BuzzCoastin | Oct 21, 2013 at 6:43 pm |

    there was something hinkey with the JFK assassination stuff?
    I thought the Warren Commission work that all out in the 60’s

  3. I would image that it’s missing because it contained evidence that indicated he was shot from a different angle than the one proposed with Oswald behind him.

  4. Liam_McGonagle | Oct 22, 2013 at 8:35 am |

  5. Satanic illuminati or free mason ceremony where they consumed it I suppose. I don’t understand how you can loss something like that without it changing hands knowingly.

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