Sasquatch and the Seatco Indians: Conversation with Henry Franzoni

henry-franzoniFor a while now I have had an intuition that if Sasquatch are real, they must be more intelligent than human beings. If they were simply rare, we would have gained much better evidence of their existence by now. For example wolverines are exceedingly rare, especially in the lower 48, yet they can be captured with camera traps, just like endangered tigers can be in Asia.

Of course Sasquatch might not be real, and the sightings could be some form of mass hallucination. But I do find the foot print evidence, especially ones analyzed by Researcher Jeffery Meldrum to be very compelling. The best casts seem to display traits of a peculiar anatomy consistent with what a giant humanoid might have to accommodate massive weight: Mid-tarsal breaks, different loading structure, and ankle bones further forward from the heel.

The sightings and the footprints pointed to a real creature, yet the extreme elusiveness pointed to something much more advanced than an upright walking gorilla. Gorillas may have eluded scientific classification until the 19th century, yet they are easy enough to find now. If Sasquatch are out they must be far more intelligent than any gorilla and probably more intelligent than we are. There also seem to be many reports of Sasquatch displaying seemingly supernatural abilities, such as becoming invisible and communicating telepathically. I noticed many researchers chose to discard these reports of psi phenomena, and focus instead on finding evidence of an “undiscovered North American Ape.”

So I began to search for a theory that made sense of all the evidence (anecdotal though it may be) without discarding any of the evidence out of hand, prejudicially. I soon discovered that newspaper reports from interviews with members of Indian tribes in the Pacific North West from nearly a hundred years ago are remarkably consistent with reports of accounts today.

According to the Indian tribes of the Pacific Northwest, historically and up to the present day, Sasquatch were recognized as another local Indian tribe known as the Seatco, or alternately, “The Stick Indians.”

Early accounts Indians gave to white settlers describe them as being seven and a half to eight feet tall and covered with hair. They live in underground caves and don’t use tools, but are able hunt deer by the use of hypnotism and can elude enemies through ventriloquism. They also possess a powerful medicine that renders them invisible. They are fond of practical jokes and often steal salmon and occasionally women. Some of the Indian tribes have intermarried with them and have Seatco blood running through their veins.

I was pleased to discover through a Google search this interview with Scientist and Engineer Henry Faranzoni. Faranzoni puts it altogether, making sense of recent sightings, ancient Indian legends, place names and alternate theories of physics. He is the author of a very interesting book available though his website titled In the Spirit of Seatco.

Henry FranzoniHenry Franzoni is a “Tribal Data Steward” for the Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission. He works for the four treaty tribes, the Confederated Tribes and Bands of the Yakama Nation, the Nez Perce Tribe, The Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation, and the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs Reservation. He tracks Salmon Steelhead and lampreys in the Columbia River for these tribes with a computer tracking system he designed himself. Apparently he spends a lot of time on Indian reservations and gets to talk to the local Indians about one of his favorite subjects: Sasquatch. I contacted him and he was gracious enough to agree to an interview, which devolved into a rambling conversation over a week’s time. I hope you enjoy it.

So I heard you say in an interview you did that the reason it is unlikely that anyone will get “a body” anytime soon is because the Seatco are people and like any decent people, they bury their dead. So I had a thought, I mean, I think what you say is right, but I had a thought that maybe we have Seatco or Sasquatch skeletons already but we just call them something else. We just think of them as hominid skeletons. So I was wondering about your thoughts on that, and if you think that is a possibility? Also, if so what do you think present day Seatco would correspond with? Neanderthal? Archiac Homo Sapiens? (both of these had more massive skeletons than modern humans and also larger brain cases) Could it be possible that they are the direct descendants of one of these groups? I have even read that some Homo ergaster skeletons were from people over 6 feet tall and have a brain capacity actually within range of modern humans.

My pet theory is that their skeletons vibrate at a different speed than matter on our level, so they basically disappear after death, because they return to their base line vibration which is not on this plane of existence.

In your book you seem to stick to science, in terms of geography and alternative models of physics and also native American history and spiritual traditions. Do you have any thoughts on anthropology in terms of  the culture/family structure of the Seatco themselves? Are there nuclear families? Could it be a harem situation with Alpha males and several females? Are they monogamous? Has anything you have experienced given you any insights into this?

I always wonder about this.  I have no answers, only questions.

You mention an amazing account of you walking along a remote stretch of river and having a conversation with your wife on current theories of astrophysics and the big bang, and having an experience of an eavesdropping  Seatco or Stick Indian laugh at you for ten minutes. Which beyond your observations on the audio anomaly of the experience, led you to believe that they posses a different physics than humanity, one that is superior to ours and one that allows them to have the amazing abilities they seem to possess.

I think of them as hillbilly/super scientists.  When we went to find the source of the laughing, there was nothing there, and the branches in the bush were so tight only a mouse could fit through them, so nothing could have been there, no broken branches, etc. On more than one occasion one has stood next to me such that I could hear it and smell it, (as did all the crickets, who went silent) but I saw nothing.  Somehow, they are masters of some kind of physics that enables them to be invisible and tap you on the shoulder, yet they are somehow still within the three dimensions that we are also within.   This has happened to me within a closed moving vehicle as well as outside in the woods.  In a place where I ran into them many times, I once saw a UFO come out from underground, silently, using a propulsion system I could not recognize, an amber glowing hemisphere, and squirt off into space.  I suspect one of them was at the controls, but I do not know for sure.  I’ve observed them passing through solid matter (dense underbrush) without making a sound at high speed, which also belies some sort of physics I don’t understand.

Now, how do you think this is transmitted from generation to generation in their culture? Do you think its perhaps an oral tradition? Maybe something involving a mystery school with shamanic initiation? I find that idea of them possessing alternate theories of physics very very interesting. In western culture we think in terms of books and academia, yet many cultures passed on some very sophisticated philosophy through oral tradition and even today religions like Zen Buddhism, rely on direct transmission from teacher to teacher and not on written materials.

I think some of them are at least as educated as we are.  I think some of them can read most languages, and yet, I do not know how they transfer knowledge to the younger generation?

This leads me to another question. Do you think young Seatco, toddlers, babies, adolescents, maybe don’t possess these paranormal abilities such as becoming invisible, blasting people with energy, telepathy, mind control etc. but have to be initiated into it and perfect it over time?

Yes, I do, because an old Indian named two feathers told me that’s the way it is.

Is it possible that the Seatco have among their number powerful elders that would be akin to, say, powerful Shamans, that posses powers that exceed the norm among themselves? How distributed to you think these paranormal abilities are? Could some of it be like unconscious instinct on their parts?

Yes, very possible, even likely… I think some of them can communicate (telepathically), and some of them have tremendous mental powers, but it does appear that not all of them have access to the true power of the subconscious mind.

I am an outdoorsman and a person that is interested in conservation and ecology. Do you think the Seatco are concerned about the Earth as well in terms of trying to reach us with a particular message of living in harmony with the Earth, or do you think they are simply waiting patiently for our civilization to run its course and collapse and that we will eventually be forced to return to a more sustainable way of life? I know that is a complicated question. But I read different, kind of “New Agey” takes on that, and I wonder if it has any solid basis or if it might just be sentimentality on the part of people. Have you received any messages like that to stop fucking up the Earth or anything like that?

I think we are the caretakers of the Earth, and they are the brains.  I think they are grooming us to take over, but we might not cut the mustard and make it. I think the jury is still out on us. They are one with all living things, in my opinion.

Do you think they really stole salmon and women back in the day from the local Indian tribes? Do you think in earlier times they were less wary of people before everyone had guns and buldozers and things like that?

Yep, they still steal salmon from the local Indian tribes, and they may still steal women, although none have been documented in the past 100 years.  They do seem to like women better than men.  they like my wife better than me.  They continue to grab salmon from the tribes I work for presently.

You mention you believe they may spend a lot of time underground. Any insights on how they may conceal entrances to underground passageways?

Well, the bottom of small lakes in the mountains is a good method for concealment.  And I think there are some caves with entrances concealed within the caves.  Plus, I think adults can move through solid matter, so they don’t need entrances, per se, they can just go through the solid earth

I think you and and also Thom Powell are on the right track. You guys make the most sense to me. The only logical conclusion to me is that Sasquatch is MORE intelligent than we are. You know, because, people are dumb enough to get caught by camera traps. They are even getting wolverines. Wolverines are rare, probably rarer than Sasquatch, yet no Sasquatch in a camera trap. Anyway they are in evidence out here in my neck of the woods. A LOT of sightings and most don’t get reported to BFRO and other organizations. The smell is the same here and sometimes that is all people experience, but also hostility and screeching.

Thom is pretty much on track IMHO.

There might be one right near my house. I heard tree knocking not 500 feet into the woods. They might like me. I don’t know. Chickens and dogs and cats and developmentally disabled people like me generally and I think these are all beings that go by kind of a psychic read they get on people. I have gotten deer to take a few steps toward me. It used to be a thing I would do when I was a kid.

Yeah, they get a psychic read on people, and if dogs, cats, chickens, and developmentally disabled people like you, then you’ve probably got a good intent field, and the Sasquatch will pick up on that too.

Lots of sightings say they have matted human hair, not fur. The artists representations all seem to be going more for a mountain gorilla look. But many witnesses say they have a flat nose not a gorilla nose. I plan to bring a sketch book camping. I made a commitment to myself not to try to photograph them.

Strangely enough, I was thinking once upon a time about the flat nose and human face, and then I found out about one with a muzzle like a coyote, and exposed incisors like fangs…   a very dog like appearance, so i think there’s more than one type now. Patty has a big butt (gluteous maximus), and an occipital protuberance (point on back of head), both of which are hominid adaptations, (not just primate, hominid line).

Just throwing this out there. I think possibly Europeans might have some Sasquatch blood, or the European version, I sense a connection between them and the berserkers of the Germanic tribes. Some early descriptions of them, they were very hairy. I have studied them, because I got into Shamanism a while back. The Natives talk a lot about ancestors, but a lot of white people want to have Native American ancestors too, but I was told that is not how it worked. I have a few Mohawk ancestors, but most of them are European. So I did some things to get in touch with my European ancestors and encountered some ancestral Spirits. Europe was a tribal/indigenous culture at one time too.

We all may have some Sasquatch blood.  The Nez Perce think so.  Their creation story is about that.

So anyway, I wouldn’t be surprised to get some type of telepathic communication, I have had communications with dragons. It might sound corny but they really seem real, with a distinct personality. It just didn’t seem like something I was imagining or making up. I wrote about one of these experiences here.

Wow, I’ll have to take a look at that, I’ve always wondered about dragons. Sasquatch have distinct personalities and names like Fred and Bob.

In an interview you mentioned a communication “Find the Gold” I was wondering if you ever looked into the idea of the properties of colloidal gold and its ability as a conductor. Are Skookum sights and gold concurrent with each other?

Sometimes, not always. Mineralized Earth is common with the skookum sites. In other words, places with iron, quartz, gold, or concentrations of mineral seem to be good candidates for ground terminals for lines of force, and concurrent with skookum sites generally.

You are really making me think with this water connection. The hotspot here is near a big lake, half public and half private. My pet theory is the Sasquatch spend a lot of time on private land that is posted. Half the park here is privately owned.

Yeah, a Nez Perce elder told me “they’re in the water”, and water is the greatest solvent on this plane of existence, so it would be cleansing to pass through some when going back and forth from here to there.  I have a few lakes here that I know are doorways to their houses under the lakes….

If they are the truly the Mind of the Earth, I am seriously interested in getting to know them. I would like to be a good caretaker. I already am in a way of the little piece I work on. I have had plants communicate to me telepathically. I weed but also harvest some edible weeds, so its a decision what to pull and what not to. So I let certain weeds live and they often remind me that I decided to let them live. Itss a weird thing but It happens. They hold me to my word.

Interesting… some elders call them the “husbands of mother Earth”, and I think that’s basically correct. Yes, plants: Did you know that we have three million base pairs in our DNA, but a spruce tree has 20 billion?  I’ve always thought about that. Yes, I spend a lot of time communicating and trying to communicate with animals, plants, etc.

I started to think of Sasquatch as potentially a higher being, after reading Eckhart Tolle believe it or not. Last summer I would read and garden and spend time out in the woods. I got to where I quieted my inner dialogue and was really able to be in the moment and aware of my surroundings. This is when I had my little experiences I later learned was known as “tree knocking” I got to where I noticed quite a bit. I am trying to learn all the bird calls in my area and be able to identify every plant I set eyes on. So I was concentrating on all the natural sounds and the tree knocking thing didn’t fit.

So, when the bird calls are too loud, way way too loud, then it’s them, not the birds. They don’t get the volume right. Plus, they often do day birds at night, and night birds during the day, so if you really know your local birds you can tell when it’s them and not your local birds.

By being aware of my surroundings and not just replaying mental tapes and rehashing dramas in my head, I got really aware of things. So I had the thought that this must be the Sasquatch frame of mind. In that sense it  made sense to me that people could not sneak up on them, because in that state people couldn’t sneak up on me. I could sense people coming a long way off.

Well, I think people can’t sneak up on them because they are connected to each person’s subconcious… a long story, I’m writing about it in my next book.

They will only show themselves to me if they want to. So I am trying not to have too high of an expectation.

Yeah, they do only show themselves when they want to… but often they let you know they around

My Kewaunee Lapseritis  book, The Sasquatch People,  arrived today. I didn’t really know what to make of it. I have read a lot of similar books. I try to keep an open mind but not get too far afield just based on taking others words for stuff.  I listened to him on a few podcasts and he sounds like a straight up guy. The only thing I really know is I have experienced tree knocking in a way that is very consistent with others’ reports. I also know there are a lot of sightings here. The people I have talked to personally seem credible: A mail carrier, a hunting guide, an old local guy I know, and a couple friends of friends.

Jack was one of the first kooky Bigfoot guys, I used to think he was a fraud, but then friends of mine convinced me otherwise. He’s just obnoxious and lacks social skills, and he’s a little enamored with being the go to spokesman for Bigfoot for my taste, but he’s pretty much on the level.

All I really have to go on is my deductive reasoning, that basically if the being behind the sightings exists, it:

A. would be MORE intelligent than people(since it can’t be caught)
B. Have mysterious abilities (as consistent with the reports and Indian Lore)

Yes. Keep your critical facilities intact, there is a logical explanation for all of it. You seem like a pretty smart guy, you’ll figure it out one day.

I see people like yourself and Thom Powell,kind of fleshing out this picture. I have also noticed possible stick activity. Just like with the tree knocking, I noticed it and immediately recognized it as possibly some type of communication and only later read that this is very common and consistent with other peoples experiences.

I’ve never heard stick-knocking, but it is apparently very common.

Are you familiar with the work of Drunvalo Melchizedek and the concept of people being able to construct flying saucers with their own electromagnetic energy i.e. auras and Chakras? Do you think this may be what you witnessed in connection with the flying saucer?

Maybe one time or two, I don’t know of this person’s work, but I’ve seen amber balls of light that may have been somehow generated by the individual creature, but the UFO’s I’ve seen were like the Enterprise: Very much a machine sporting an unknown propulsion device; a starship, pretty unmistakably.

Do you think aliens would recognize Sasquatch as the most advanced lifeforms on the Planet instead of us?

Why yes, I do think that’s the way it is: The aliens stop by and talk to them, not us.  That’s my opinion.

Do you think there are human beings that possess these powers, such as passing through objects, disappearing, reappearing, sending energy pulses etc.?

I think they can use the true power of the subconscious mind, and yes, some of us may also be able to tap into that. I know some Indians who I think can do stuff, but I think our bodies prevent us from doing some of the stuff they do. Our bodies can’t handle the stress of shifting dimensions, and I think if we become invisible too much, we go blind.

As far as my trip went, I experienced some amazing things. For the fourth time in my life I had an experience of coyote calls coming up all around me with me in the center of a group howl. I walked through the forested road where all the sightings are and fire bugs lit the whole way for me. At one point I had the distinct impression of being watched, but not in a bad way. The presence seemed female somehow. I had this strong impression and then in that spot on the road, I noticed a trail that was not obvious at all. Not posted but no forest service sign either. As I walked down the trail I noticed it had been recently graveled and there was a wooden boardwalk. It seemed to lead to a camp, but I decided I didn’t want to come into a person’s camp at two AM way out in the middle of the woods, unannounced and uninvited. I may take a peek at it again in the day time –  I am curious. I wouldn’t be surprised if maybe there is a local habituation site. Anyway, something friendly seemed be be beckoning me into the woods. From what I read in folklore, things like that don’t always end well!  After I turned back and headed back out to the road, I heard an owl. Most likely a real owl. But I wonder.

Interesting, that sounds like it could be a female Sas checking you out. Were the coyotes too loud to be normal? Yeah, they are as different from one another as people are, so it all depends on who’s checking you out.

I scouted a pretty large area and covered 30 miles in a big loop. One advantage I have is I can walk 30 miles in a day and I am not afraid of the dark. But they might be right near my house, anyway. I really don’t want them stealing my landlady’s produce, though, and chickens. I am weighing whether or not to take the plunge and habituate some to where I live. I don’t own the property so in a way I think its probably unethical.

Ah, the habituation thing: Yeah, why not try to make friends with them? Remember: food is the universal sign of friendship. Where do you live? They could very well be near your house; a few of them are scattered everywhere.

I live just outside Adirondack State Park, which is six million acres. I could walk due east and cross only two roads for the next 100 miles. I think the coyotes were real coyotes, but I can’t say for sure because I didn’t see them, but one was really close. The reports of vocalizations here are consistent with other reports that they are ear shatteringly loud. So these coyotes were probably real coyotes. The stick activity I was talking about, besides the tree knocking, is sticks being pushed into the ground like a marker. I plan to investigate it further. That’s interesting about the craft. I suppose they may have some technological things underground. Here is the best account I have ever seen of a man who claims to have ridden a flying saucer that he helped build with the help of a protege of Nikola Tesla. The man seems very credible, a very gentle nature loving man as well:

The project was apparently shut down by the government. On a related note, My view of the possible motivation for a government cover up of Sasquatch phenomenon is that the less we know about things they have absolutely no control over, the better. There is a local cover-up here in upstate New York about the existence of mountain lions. They officially don’t exist here just like Sasquatch, yet locals see both regularly. The DEC put out official statements about both…

Well, Henry, thanks so much for talking to me. I think I have enough for an article. Feel free to add anything else you want to be included in the interview.

Really enjoyed talking to you.  I believe the amber balls I’ve seen reflect cosmic energy used as a power source, which is what Tesla was talking about with his cosmic ray motor. Yeah, I’ll enjoy reading Otis T. Carr…sticks in the ground, markers, yeah, we get plenty of stuff like that in the Northwest: Big X’s, stick structures, all sorts of stuff. Take a look at old Indian markers for some clues.

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  1. kowalityjesus | Oct 19, 2013 at 5:46 pm |

    Occam’s Razor sez Sasquatch walks the earth.

  2. Matt Staggs | Oct 19, 2013 at 6:03 pm |

    I’m inventing a new cryptid named Figboot.

  3. This article has just blown my mind, especially the alternate physics angle – Jacques Vallee, Runesoup’s conception of ‘the neighbours’…. it fits in with all that.

    I wonder if the brains of the earth are only located in this area, as our human brains are in a specific location? If they are more widespread, how is the manifestation made? If one of Vallee’s ideas about them being more contactable outside of urban spaces is true, I need to get out of the city more often than I do. And it begs many, many more questions.

    Definitely going to track that book down.

    • Ted Heistman | Oct 22, 2013 at 9:22 pm |

      Franzoni’s theories has to do with lines of force in terms of geomagnetic energy coming from the Earth in areas where Mountains and Rivers converge in a certain way. He found signifigant correlations with these types of areas, because one of the words for Sasquatch, I forget which word off hand, maybe windigo, but anyway the word could mean big Hairy Dude, or the geographical feature. That is what the map with all the place names is about.

      So these beings show up again and again in the same places. A place where so many Indians saw Sasquatch that they names the lake or the Mountain after them or whatever, is the most likeliest place to see them today.

      He thinks they use this energy to do what they do. He thinks they are way more common in the PNW along the mountains, near continental divides, probably more common in BC and Coastal Alaska then Washington, Oregon and CA, but less sightings due to fewer people.

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