Thug Notes: Animal Farm

Sparky Sweets, PhD. Dropping science on Animal Farm. (Check out an interview with Dr. Sweets here.)

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  • ishmael2009

    This should be required reading in all elementary schools to teach kids about the evil of communism.

    • VaudeVillain

      If you think that Animal Farm is exclusively about the evils of Communism, then I’m sorry for you. The video above even mentions that it is, ultimately, about power. The Soviet Union was certainly about power, and the Soviet leadership most certainly did abuse that power, but they were neither the first nor the last to do so.

      • ishmael2009

        Orwell actually wrote in a letter to his French translator that it was “a satirical tale against Stalin”. Saying that it’s about power is banal. What Orwell is doing is showing in allegory that totalitarian governments – whether fascist or communist – end up with the most power hungry thug in charge. Both Animal Farm and 1984 are about Communism because both explore how a political ideology that’s supposedly about empowerment ends up more or less indistinguishable from Fascism.

        • DrDavidKelly

          Some scholars now think 1984 may have been critiquing the English middle class.

          • Gnome Voynich

            It was also an illustration of what happens when the squeezed middle are squeezed out of existence. Saying if you have inequality in your society, at least have it with a large middle class (the larger it is, the harder it is to corrupt, the larger the buffer), otherwise human rights (for middle and lower) hit the wall and are prayed upon all the easier.

        • Gnome Voynich

          The same happens with Capitalism. Keeping the game rigged is the top thugs’ top priority.

          To live in a truly equal world is a detestable idea for some unknown reason, maybe for an egotistical reason. Scared little ego want to feel special and more deserving.

        • VaudeVillain

          Most truth is boring.

          In any event, you’re right insofar as Orwell was principally concerned with the Soviet Union. It was, at the time, a thing to be principally concerned with.

          That doesn’t mean it was exclusively about the Soviet Union, or Communism, or that such an interpretation is accurate or complete.

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