• jasonpaulhayes

    Definitely not a Masonic Handshake! “Rrrrapalo, what’s up man?”

    • InfvoCuernos

      Ya, but wasn’t it the handshake for the Black Panthers?

      • jasonpaulhayes

        I’m just an Okie like Woodie Guthrie, you’ll have to ask them …but there was a Black Panther reunion in my town the 17-19 of this month.

  • echar

    Maybe a rebranding is in order to create a distinction from fear harvesting bilk data.

    plausible cabal theory
    political covin theory
    Ideological machinations theory

  • Will

    I love Abby Martin, smart and sexy. What I don’t understand is why cant producers and directors stop moving the freakin camera around so much. It takes away from the story and make people sick. Your not some big director doing something nobody has ever done before. Set a camera, focus on the people talking and let the story unfold.

  • RayJ

    They were not directly infecting people with syphilis in the Tuskegee study. The issue was that they enrolled a bunch of people who could not afford healthcare who also were known to have syphilis in a free healthcare study and then did not give them access to or information about penicillin which was a known cure for syphilis. Still highly morally suspect but a little less overtly sinister than injecting deadly pathogens into “simpletons”. There was a study in Guatemala where subjects were infected with syphilis without their consent and then treated with antibiotics which is probably where they got this.

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