What Will The Mainstream Make of Polyamory

A recent post on Modern Mythology raises questions about the recent mainstream obsession with polyamory:

Thanks in part to the Showtime series “Polyamory: Married and Dating,” it seems yet another subaltern is coming out of the closet (or bedroom) and into the mainstream.

It is predictable enough that it would be presented on SHO in a way that is easiest to digest for the American mainstream. Yet the examples posed there are staid modifications to the familiar. I would prefer the actual gamut of possibilities be presented. The show reads as another variation on swingers. So, what are White American suburbanites (or urbanites) to make of this new “fad”?

One of the challenges presented by this desire, (as was discussed in an earlier tongue-in-cheek article, “Postmodernogamy“): at its core polyamory presents not an alternate model to monogamy so much as a revolution against all formal and static cultural mores which say “this way and no other.”

Now that gay marriage seems to be approaching normalcy, new labels are needed to keep the relationship news cycle churning, all the while missing the only radical point presented by what is otherwise nothing more than the simple result of modernization on outdated cultural edifices: There is no model of “typical” polyamory, as it is and should be specific to every unique individual and their unique interactions.

This is what is potentially radical about polyamory. Otherwise, it is simply a revision to the old dating guidebook, for those that are progressive enough to recognize that serial monogamy is no solution, and that it is perverse — but in all the wrong ways — for Atheists to build their morals atop Christian bedrock.

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James Curcio

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  1. Antediluviancurrent | Oct 8, 2013 at 1:13 pm |

    Most of the time modernity is just reinventing the wheel. History is rampant with examples on how non-Western societies conceptualized an inclusive society with no inclination to care about what happens in someone’s bedroom.

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