Altered Smartphone Advertising In San Francisco

dronesSF Weekly notes the latest work of the California Department of Corrections, who suitably update street-level advertising to better inform the public:

Muni bus shelters are supplying a blank canvas for the California Department of Corrections, a media organization that distorts other people’s ad campaigns in order to reverse their message.

This month, the CDC decided to confront America’s drone policy by adulterating a series of smartphone ads on Muni bus shelters, including the one at Seventh and Market streets.

The new ads show a cellphone picture of predator drone strike, with the word “Pakistan” swapped in for the phone logo.

“As these operations are shrouded in secrecy, the California Department of Corrections released the rehabilitated smartphone ads to assist our colleagues in the federal government and explain the benefits of drones to war-weary Americans,” the organization explains, in a statement.

2 Comments on "Altered Smartphone Advertising In San Francisco"

  1. Very cool. I love this culture jamming stuff.

  2. I don’t know how effective such counter-propaganda is. its pretty much common knowledge to most people that corporations and government are essentially evil greedy bastards. much of counter-propaganda serves the powers because it demoralizes people and leads them to think the fight is over and its either follow the herd or suicide.
    now, what is needed…is examples of alternatives.

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