Bronies are Crashing America’s Economy

My-Little-Pony-Friendship-is-Magic-my-little-pony-friendship-is-magic-32310685-1600-1000Okay, maybe not crashing the economy, but the My Little Pony-loving subculture does catch a little flack in this article from American Public Radio. Disinfonaut “Anarchy Pony”, why must you anger The Economy? ScapePonies!

New numbers out Thursday show America’s third quarter gross domestic product rose 2.8 percent, well above what economists predicted. The headline number may sound good at first, but it masks signs of ongoing economic weakness deeper in the report.

A bit of digging shows that 0.83 percentage point of the GDP boost came from the change in real private inventories. It may sound like an obscure technicality, but it is not. It’s actually quite simple and simply bad.

“Stores were accumulating a lot of goods to sell, but people weren’t buying them,” says Julia Coronado, chief North American economist at BNP Paribas.

You can see this at Big Fun Toy Store, a Cleveland shop specializing in collectibles. Owner Steve Presser says unexpectedly low third quarter numbers had him feeling as blue as the many Smurf toys lining his shelves.

“What we try to do, of course, is sell through our inventory,” Presser explains. “But if we buy too much in any given month, in this case it was September, I was a little concerned because we were hoping to have a strong summer going into the fall in the final quarter.”

Presser sells My Little Ponies too, but not enough bronies are buying them, an alarming development as his store enters its critical time.

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  • The Well Dressed Man

    AP, what have you done???

  • Anarchy Pony


  • Simon Valentine

    yes dear pony, how dare you upset the mantra infrastructure without using Lie Algebra! a shame! *hand on cheek and brony giggle*

  • Reasor

    The Ambassador from Latveria, when reached for comment, had this to say.

  • pneumerology

    Xmas advertising began before Halloween this year. I don’t have any numbers to go with that… but it still says a lot. Once upon a time, in days of yore when ponies ran free (or as free as it gets) — before we all became anonymous strangers to one another, it was recognized that accepting gifts also meant accepting obligations. Isn’t it great that is no longer true, that we have moved beyond such primitive contracts and bribery, and that we have broken the bonds of consequences for our actions? Let us celebrate our good fortune by buying something.

  • Pietro

    You know what’s funny? This sort of shit happens time and again in our economy, in the global economy – hell, it’s a principle of capitalism! Overaccumulation of capital, fellow Disinfonauts! Beware!

  • lifobryan

    I found these in an abandoned toy store. Look at the little lazy bastards …. just hanging out NOT CONTRIBUTING TO OUR ECONOMY.

    • oneironauticus

      I love that one of them has a clock-mark…

  • InfvoCuernos

    Reminds me of the Pet Rock Crash of ’78.

    • Matt Staggs

      Don’t go into the pet shelters. The looks on their eyes are heartbreaking.

  • Laine Glaistig

    PEOPLE ARE POOR SO THEY’RE BUYING LESS TOYS! GO FIGURE. (Yes, I’m aware that caps makes it seem like I am screaming.)