Cybersyn, Salvador Allende’s Socialist Internet In 1970s Chile

Red_pepperRed Pepper on Cybersyn, an ingenious proto-internet largely unknown outside of a cult following:

The pioneering cybernetic planning work of the Chilean leader, his ministers and a British left-wing operations research scientist and management consultant named Stafford Beer was an ambitious, economy-wide experiment that has since been described as the ‘socialist internet’, an effort decades ahead of its time.

In 1970, Beer was hired to advise the government, and the scheme he plunged himself into was called Project Cybersyn, a ‘nervous system’ for the economy in which workers, community members and the government were to be connected together transmitting the resources they had on offer, their desires and needs via an interactive national communications network.

Although never completed, by the time General Augusto Pinochet overthrew the young administration in a US-backed coup, the advanced prototype of the system, which had been built in four months, involved a series of 500 telex machines distributed to firms connected to two government-operated mainframe computers and stretched the length of the narrow country and covered roughly between a quarter and half of the nationalised economy.

Factory output, raw material shipments and transport, high levels of absenteeism and other core economic data pinged about the country and to the capital, Santiago – a daily exchange of information between workers and their government, easily beating the six months on average for economic data to be processed in this way in most advanced countries.

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  1. Sooooo, DARPA used the CIA to stir up a hot messy bowl of chaos down there to slow/stop development of chillinternet. The DARPA overlords (Citibank, JP, AT&T & the McDonald/Burgerking cartel) needed time to get U.S. Internet research rolling. I suspect Russell Targ-n-crew finally figured out the space/time past event manipulation problem. They must have tipped them off. Do you realize this means espresearch & Targies are really Citibank future investment agents. McKing must supply free food doing the jumps.

  2. Simon Valentine | Nov 5, 2013 at 11:03 am |

    yeah cuz how could airing the Jetsons and allowing such a marvelous and beautiful project be consolidated by backers of US coup backers, or their backers? the backsters and ‘hey’ bailers simply won’t have it! and surely the public shouldn’t know. i’m surprised this information isn’t censored. must be “too late” for it to have a critical effect.

    the stock market would nose dive to obsoletion, the truth of economy would be freely available, and free market would terrorize The Silver Spooners and Jeffersons’ plantation workers. wait nevermind it’s them plantations’ workers’ll be afeared ‘uh change & shit. “but lord master god flesh, what about all the evil hypotheticals that come as ghastly spirits in the night to take away our firstborn?” “work, child. toil. help the devil you know and none other shall take us. our monumental tradition of slavery and rank shall be eternal.”


    why don’t we have one?

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