Documentary Looks Inside The Heaven’s Gate Cult

Quite possibly the craziest cult ever, Heaven’s Gate was founded by Marshall Applewhite and Bonnie Nettles. Heaven’s Gate members believed that the planet Earth was about to be recycled (wiped clean, renewed, refurbished and rejuvenated), and that the only chance to survive was to leave it immediately. While the group was formally against suicide, they defined “suicide” in their own context to mean “to turn against the Next Level when it is being offered,” and believed that their “human” bodies were only vessels meant to help them on their journey. Inconversation, when referring to a person or a person’s body, they routinely used the word “vehicle”.

This documentary investigates an incident in 1997, where thirty-nine members of the San Diego-based cult “Heaven’s Gate” committed mass suicide. They intended to reach an alien spacecraft which they believed to be following Comet Hale-Bopp, which was at that time brightly visible in the nighttime sky.

  • Simon Valentine

    the phenomenon is so very not news. the iteration ought be guiding though.

    churches have been talking like that since at least the Ancient Egyptians. whether Jesus dove or a pharaoh’s reservation to be Osiris for a cycle, there’s a lot /and/ alot to be learned from.

    there’s even a contemporary iteration in Blizzard Entertainment’s Starcraft series. the Xel’naga.

  • PrimateZero

    So long and thanks for all the fish.

  • Chaos_Dynamics

    Those were great times!

    Meet you right here at disinfo in the year 4385 upon Hale-Bopp’s return.

  • gustave courbet

    An interesting look at the credulity of some members of our species, the most disturbing aspect of which is that they willfully and serenely ended their lives operating under profound delusions.

  • Anarchy Pony

    Fun personal tidbit, my parents saw several of them eating at a restaurant in our dinky nowhere town a month or so before the offed themselves.

  • Rhoid Rager

    The mothership still has some job openings. Currently in second pass behind Comet ISON. Exit ‘vehicles’ to the right and mind the gap.