Your Fictional “New World Order”

595px-Dollarnote_siegel_hqMike S writes at the Peaceful Self:

There seems to be a lot of talk these days about some elite conspiracy to create a “New World Order”Yet, the history of egocentric mammalia has been nothing less than a collective endeavor of extracting itself from the natural order, as ordained by universal causality, by neurotically inventing fictional world orders for which to dissociate itself from a causal determined universe that denies free-will. Hence, in order to maintain and reinforce a free-willed illusion of control, egocentricity becomes more deeply transfixed in its fictional realities and this provides an illusion of being removed from the causal order of the universe.

Through the psycho-symbolism of superimposing abstract concepts upon a material world, egocentricity seeks to dissociate itself from the natural world order. Obviously, dissociation from the determined causality of your existence is utterly impossible, since the universe allows you to exist and death tends to have a way of proving this rather consistently and without question.

Nevertheless, egocentricity gets all jiggy with the psycho-emotional experience of being dissociated from the natural order through symbolic fictions that seem to glorify its existence above mere causal determinism.

But a symbolically ordered reality can never be inherently real and egocentricity has had little success in dissociating from its cause, by chronically propagating the belief that egocentricity is cause of itself and its world. Nevertheless, the tenuous fragility of your beloved symbolic world could crumble at any second into a million scattered pieces with even the slightest provocation, simply because it exists as a fantasy in your head. Fully understanding this is often referred to in the east as an “awakening,” but in the west we call it “schizophrenia” or “delusional” and immediately prescribe drugs.You can even note this phenomena in your personal life in which the slightest look of “The Other” could send your “awesome” day spiraling into the netherworld of suspicion and paranoia. Or a word, uttered in anger, could smash to smithereens the “positive” mood you’ve worked so diligently at protecting and preserving. Such is the utter fragility of egocentrica mammalia in its belief that it constructs and controls its personal universe.

Some claim just such a “crash” is quickly approaching for all of egocentrica collectiva, which relies on symbolic abstraction to transfer its own superficially fictional meanings upon the natural world. However, it does appear we may have to experience many more years of inventing senseless conceptual dribble, through which to magically medicate the egocentric condition, before all egocentrica mammalians simply go stark raving mad trying to make sense of all the fictional contradictions and hypocrisies that make up their symbolic reality.

Egocentricity will essentially crumble in upon itself through its own chronic schizophrenic babbling about which fictional world is more “real” and “true,” without ever questioning the fictional concepts of “real” and “true.”

The essential purpose of all technology is to allow for egocentric dissociation from the very universe that gave egocentric mammalia existence. Egocentrics demands a “better world” for which to glorify the sacred goals of its otherwise meaningless existence.
Every year some “visionary” pundit explains how it’s possible for the future of mankind to be better if only we simply make this or that change. However, as with all symbolic realities, it’s easy to discern how egocentric progress is actually heading for a train crash of symbolic chaos and this becomes  more apparent with each passing day.

In this post-modern world it’s really not that hard to see that in a symbolic reality, anything can mean anything, depending on who says it and how many invest belief in it. It’s just that simple.

For instance, if the President of the United States (a fiction) claims that “drones” are necessary to keep the country (fiction) safe from terrorism (fiction), egocentrics will never question the fictions, but only the degree the facts (“drones) should be managed to protect the fictions.
Nevertheless, the natural order of the causal universe requires no control or governance, because it exists as fact. Its laws simply unfold and regulate reality through a general functioning that has no egocentric meanings or concepts to make it “real” or “true.” But because egocentricity wishes to separate itself and not be victim to the causal determinism of the natural world, it constructs imaginary realities that require fictional governments. The fictional realities of egocentric herds must have limits and this is facilitated through the fictional demands imposed by fictional governments.

Governments are popping up everywhere, imposing a seemingly endless array of spurious laws and utterly absurd rules to regulate your fictional experiences and, because they govern fictional realities, they too must themselves be fictional. Nevertheless, egocentric mammalia demands a fictional world through which to emancipate itself from the causally determined universe and this requires numerous fictional governments and governmental departments, committees, bureaus, offices, agencies, etc, etc, for which to control and limit symbolic egocentric fantasies. Although such fictions have no actual reality, we cannot deny that the causal determinism of the universe has allowed these fictions to assume a reality simply through the “Illusion of Control.”

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  1. hot.

  2. Youre using what most would consider to be your “religious beliefs” or your belief as to how the universe works, as some people might refer to it, as a point of reference to explain actual phenomena. You need proof to back your theories that youre using to back your statements. Also, the generalizations you make about “egocentrics” are somewhat unfounded. You cant reference yourself or your spiritual beliefs and expect people to take it as fact.

  3. george bush 1

  4. Simon Valentine | Nov 14, 2013 at 8:04 pm |

    “dissociation from the determined causality of your existence is utterly impossible”

    lol ‘logic’ that begins with ‘tautology’ is ‘never worth the grind’ … or is it(?) … Diablo

    “Nirvana” is impossible, … , “meditation” is impossible, …

    i art the crash
    i art the cause
    i art the cash
    i art the cures
    i art ye ol English
    i wrought ye ol You
    i fought the power
    and within it e tu

    ad hominem
    tu quoque
    juncta juvant
    intra vires
    Qmodus vivendiQ
    e.g. jiggy
    all those polynomial dances that every once in awhile (more than you know) have a non polynomial conversion factor.

    see: “NP-Complete and Satisfiability of Theorems”
    ‘leave’: ‘necessary and sufficient evidence’ (witches…)

    it’s like an ex-porn star going through traction

    fictions are like E. Galois being dead.


    • Simon Valentine | Nov 14, 2013 at 8:31 pm |

      i take it all back:

      just thought of a “more human” version of “how to find evidence that P = NP”

      if in that psychosocial or physical phenomenon are shown to be polynomial then if P = NP = NP-Complete then phenomenon otherwise identified as NP-Complete are associated to ‘glitches’ during conversion. superstitions. distinct aspects of ecosystems. hiccups. hell, maybe even speciation… and all sorts of other crazy things. but don’t take my word for it.

    • bro what the hell are you talking about

      • Simon Valentine | Jul 4, 2014 at 1:39 pm |

        an idea

        • oh i see ur playing that there word tennis

          • Simon Valentine | Jul 11, 2014 at 1:04 pm |

            loosely translating my past self

            “dutiful study and well-metabolized comprehension of math and computer science is paramount”

            sometimes the bacon i throw in sizzles more than the veggies
            “health” seems to be the least of concerns

          • you seem to be pretty smart
            care to share some of that wisdom with this here rube?

          • Simon Valentine | Jul 13, 2014 at 10:43 am |

            well a few moments ago i had to stop watching a video about the speed of light so i’ll go with that

            the speed of light being a [false] representation of a [physical] phenomenon is [due to] an examination (as most things in physics are/have been) according to methods that themselves yield seemingly confirmed false positives as concerns statements such as “nothing moves faster than the speed of light”. the methods i have mentioned are more specifically the limited Polynomial (P) methods. though not all physicists treat it the same way, Polynomial methods and Non-Polynomial methods (NP), as they are conditionally stated in computer science (a field of science the bounty of which came years after most “famous physicists” lived), are possibly equal and possibly not equal. P?=?NP. NP methods include extraordinarily recursive direct-solution algorithms that typically get treated by the human population to be “taken for granted” or “requiring more work and effort than feasible” whereas P methods include simple geometric reasoning like “triangulation” (ever wonder why there’s so many squares of this or that in physics? you wouldn’t be the only one).

            in what would be my “opinion” “physics” goes hand-in-hand with a sort of naivety that not only doesn’t stay quiet, but raises its illegitimate head, looking for another victim, another scam, another thief, another believer, another passive agreement that some pseudo-political whackjob “physicist” can get a podium up on. #barelytribal

          • jesus man can we skype or somethng

  5. kowalityjesus | Nov 14, 2013 at 8:05 pm |

    Although paranoia and placebos corroborate this text, I think it is nihilistic to break down institutions and codifications ad absurdum. There always seems to be some essence emerging when seemingly inane parts/intentions are summed. Our thoughts and internal/external battles are greater than a shadow, although certainly shattering paradigm shifts are usually inevitable.

    Poignantly to this line of thought, I can think of WWI/WWII and their role in the rise of European secularism. “How can God allow the vibrant and culturally irreplaceable Hamburg/Bremen/Dresden to be reduced to charred rubble?” To the Germans it didn’t seem possible, thus their devotion to the God who had ostensibly held vigilant custody of those grounds was deserted. My only theory of reconciliation is: even though our individual and collective scruples ‘hold sway’ they are essentially empty forms, e.g. death is not as big a deal as many hold it to be.

    • Simon Valentine | Nov 14, 2013 at 8:20 pm |

      absurdum/nauseum/infinitum … what about ad mathematicus? or since you see nihilism, ad physicus? ad Amun-Aten? Ouroboros? Nidohggr.

      you are right of course in warning that many enterprises are in vein, so may i offer, then, that you are looking to embark on a particular …sea? …fairing vessel? the next colonization ought be space though eh >.<

      wwii also saw the rise of a (more common) awareness of "propaganda", a word which now seems so deluded into the more general hodgepodge of "macaroni" and "meatyocrity". "goulash". it's tastes so much better than ghoul ash. maybe. i'm a big Fallout fan, soo …. "uncle sam eats propaganda for breakfast" ~John Henry Eden.

  6. Lookinfor Buford | Nov 15, 2013 at 10:30 am |

    -1 for sesquipedalian loquaciousness

  7. Aipeed Teaitchse | Nov 15, 2013 at 1:27 pm |

    I get where you’re going with this rant; that reality is relative and systems of control are more of a shared philosophy than tangible “reality” and that “culture” in all its forms masks the “natural world order.” Look around though – what do you see that’s natural? Even if you were part of a self-sustaining tribe in a jungle frontier there would still be some form of a social hierarchy.

    You’re suggesting there never was a “world order” and thereby deny the existence of a new world order, and that any sense of order is all just a ruse to mask the chaotic state of nature we have inhabited all along. It invokes Hobbes concept of a state of nature as a state of war but on a psychological level. However it seems like your broader point is that at the end of the day these are all just words (a philosophy which makes one wonder why you used so many), and reality itself however it is defined is an illusion.

    While this is the logic of a multitude of mystical belief systems, it is also a theme we find in many modern day cults as cult leaders will strip their followers of any sense of themselves or “free-will” in order to control them. I don’t think that is your endgame. Nevertheless, as I read this I felt you were less interested in writing anything true even by your own standard and more interested in proving a point just for the sake of argument, which is a bit suspect.

    Meanwhile as we sit on the sidelines and wonder whether this is all happening or not and whether anything matters, real living innocent people are being killed by drone strikes and these weapons along with all the worlds resources have been consolidated by a narrow sect of the global population. We have witnessed nations concentrating their power and influence over individuals moreso with the birth of a European Union (EU), a Southeast Asian Union (ASEAN), an African Union (AU), and a South American Union (UNASUR) a Gulf Union (GCC) a Caribbean Union (CARICOM), a Central American Union (CA4) and soon there will be a North American Union (NAU). The attacks, the austerity measures, and other major demonstrations of imperial power have been unleashed everywhere around the world except here, but rest assured it will be coming. The creation of the NAU is the critical step towards creating a supreme one world government which has been envisioned by a variety of leaders and philosophers from different walks of life throughout the past century or so and espoused by a number of people who claim to have been mind slaves of the world’s elite. Deny that it’s happening if you prefer to, but I’m going to take a pass on your kool-aid and keep paying attention to what’s going on in this collective illusion.

  8. Alan Morse Davies | Nov 17, 2013 at 1:25 pm |

    So many words, so many assumptions, so little sense.

    We are animals like any other, what we do or think is no less natural than anything else that goes on on this planet.

    Whether what we do is good is a separate question that requires a discussion using some of the abstract concepts that form the basic currency of our societies (and most of the original post). They’re not absolute of course, they’re consensual truths that we use in order to co-operate with each other as a species.

    If we choose to look at life from the perspective of a cold and uncaring universe, then of course our lives are insignificant to the universe we’ve imagined.

    If we choose to look outward from the brief blip in time in which we’re alive, then our lives are already miraculous considering the obstacles to our existence that we’ve already overcome.

    We’re all miraculously alive right now, for a short time.

    We can either moan about not being eternally important or get on with sex, drugs, food, booze, making children and agriculture.


    You want to effect change? Do. Life is brief, do something.

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