Football Fan Loses House Betting On Team; Other Bettor Staked Car Plus Wife

Robin Van PersieWe all know that supporters of sports teams can be fanatical in their devotion. While the Ugandan man who bet his house on an Arsenal win probably took his support several steps too far, his counterpart in the bet is even more insane: in addition to staking his car on a Manchester United win, he threw in his wife. No mention of whether or not the Man U fan had a couple more wives in reserve, as did the Arsenal fan. The Daily Mirror reports:

An Arsenal fan has lost his HOUSE after betting that the Gunners would beat Manchester United at the weekend.

Henry Dhabasani, who has three wives and five children, made a bet with friend Rashid Yiga that Arsenal would beat the Premier League champions.

The price of the wager? Dhabasani put his family home on the line, while Yiga staked his Toyota Premio car, plus his WIFE.

The wager was put in writing by the pair and was reportedly witnessed by community leaders in the town of Iganga in eastern Ugandan.

The Ugandan Observer reports that following the match, which Arsenal lost 1-0, a group of Manchester United fans stormed Dhabasani’s house and kicked his wives and children out of their home…

[continues at the Daily Mirror]


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