Legalize Necrophilia & Lower Age Of Consent To Thirteen

Those are just two of the various extreme positions held by Luke Bozier, disgraced former business partner of British Tory MP Louise Mensch and advisor to the Labour party. Milos Yiannopoulos details the unorthodox positions of the “social media expert” for The Kernel:

A start-up founder and former political advisor who lists erstwhile Conservative MP Louise Mensch as one of his past business partners sparked outrage yesterday by calling for prostitution to be made legal for girls as young as 13.

On his blog, which has to be read to be believed, he also called for necrophilia to be made legal, for women to be recognised as rapists and as the perpetrators of bestiality and for sex between cousins to recognised as legitimate.

In addition, a Kernel investigation has revealed that Bozier, 29, has been internet dating, and arranging to meet, girls as young as 16 without their parents’ knowledge.

Bozier was a “digital advisor” to the Labour party who claimed to be close to Tony Blair, though subsequent newspaper reports quoted senior Labour sources as saying he had next to no contact with the former Prime Minister.

Bozier’s claims to have been selected for a seat by the Conservative Party after his defection to the Tories in January 2012 also proved untrue when a senior party source told the Guardian newspaper he had made it all up.

One of the girls Bozier has been dating, Girl A, referred to him as her “boyfriend”, owned copies of his self-published book about his life as a sex addict and hid the relationship from her parents. A second girl, Girl B, played truant from school to spend time with him. Girl B’s mother contacted The Kernel worried that Bozier would “take her away to America for ever” after reading about his travel plans on the internet.

“She has been lying to me from day one about all of it,” Girl B’s mother said last night. “She has stayed away from school before but never with a boy and not with an older man either.”

Bozier is understood to have promised both girls sex and exchanged explicit pictures with them…

[continues at The Kernel]


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8 Comments on "Legalize Necrophilia & Lower Age Of Consent To Thirteen"

  1. Liam_McGonagle | Nov 16, 2013 at 10:03 am |

    These are fascinating ideas. But some context, please:

    “What is the current age of consent for necrophilia in Britain? And is it calculated as the age of the deceased at time of death or time elapsed SINCE time of death?”

    Devil’s in the details. Obama would have done well to consider some of these finer points before proceeding with his own plans.

  2. Aipeed Teaitchse | Nov 16, 2013 at 11:59 am |

    They should just legalize the breaking wheel for Luke Brozier. (I was originally going to say they should legalize feeding someone to a volcano but then I thought that might anger the biblical volcano god)

  3. “…the Aristocrats!”

  4. What the sh*t? Is Britain aiming to rival the American South, the Netherlands, Southeast Asia, Costa Rica and the Middle East for perversion and sociopathy?

    Stop using words like ‘unorthodox’…try on something more fitting like ‘serial predator’.

  5. well maybe he’s actually an unwitting genius, making such lowball offers on things like prositution so that things like legalising regular prostitution suddenly don’t seem so bad.

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