Philip H. Farber on Memetic Entities

Philip H. Farber is the founder of a system of magical practice that synthesizes elements of magick, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and hypnosis to create a “magick about magick,” or Meta-Magick. His book Meta-Magick: The Book of ATEM invites readers to participate in the creation of the memetic entity “Atem.” In this segment, he discusses the concept of memetic entities from a magical perspective.



Imperium Pictures is currently completing The Gent (a feature starring Genesis P-Orridge, Philip H. Farber, Douglas Rushkoff et al) and a short on solid rocket fuel developer/occultist Jack Parsons in which British director Ken Russell portrays Aleister Crowley.

  • Liam_McGonagle

    Jung would be rolling over in his grave about the convergence of ‘meaningful coincidences’ happening to me over these last couple days.

    Stoned out of my mind whilst consulting I Ching with an apropos radio essay on the notion of synergy droning in the background last night, it occurred to me that maybe we are mistaken about the ideal of the individual ‘self’ as an entity of intrinsic coherence. Perhaps ‘self’ would be more correctly described as a chance ephemera whose perceived integrity is entirely dependent upon the prevailing circumstances in the aether around it.

    Now here’s this chap on Disinfo going on about entity-as-meme.

    But then again, I was all f*cked-up like, so that could just be bullsh*t, too.

    • oneironauticus

      Yeah, well last week, I was listening to this podcast and I looked at the references for this thing I had to do at work and they had referenced the very podcast I was listening to…I don’t even need to be high or consult the i ching…the internet is following me. >_>

      It’s because Mercury is in retrograde. 😐

      • Calypso_1

        The internet is following us.

        • oneironauticus

          But…how is it getting “outside”? I don’t have a chip–yet…I hope…

          • Calypso_1

            There are pilot programs tied into security cam systems, any electronic purchase…etc. The amount of data mining is incomprehensible.
            Local media programming, marketing, political & social fabric for any given population is being tailored by the data pulled from the net, digital records & e-commerce.
            When I had to get an iphone for work the online ads become specific to me and very localized within a week (previously my atypically consumer type had never registered w/ any metrics).
            I’ve even logged direct occurrences of data only discussed in voice over the cell network altering subsequent internet searches. The commercial tech for this is already deployed for use on ‘internal’ phone networks such as help centers.

            Besides who needs a chip when your hippocampus can be stimulated at a distance w/ ELF waves.
            …that or fairies.

          • alizardx

            Got a cite for ELF stimulation? Low-level localized extremely low frequency ELF easy. Pointing high-power ELF in any specific direction *hard*/expensive.

          • Calypso_1

            oh I know ; ) I’m not talking about EM spectrum. just having fun with the conspiracy trope. TMS works to evoke those frequencies within the brain- very close range & weak.

            PS: I am familiar enough w/ physics to be well aware of the technical difficulties in trying to target such frequencies at distances. Anyone who thinks it’s being done needs intro to antenna design.

          • alizardx

            As for the Net following us, 100% true. And that “any given population” can be as low as 1. I’ve frequently noticed that when I access some sites, I’ll see banner ads relating to their products everywhere I go even in places where one doesn’t expect them.

            I remember Element 14 ads following me to political and music sites. I somehow doubt the average user saw ads for a site for electronics designers (kind of a really small niche)… but I certainly did.

          • emperorreagan

            The weirdest one for me is that I get ads online for an MMA school I went to 4 years ago. I’ve moved twice, changed email addresses, and gotten rid of every electronic device I owned since that time.

          • The Well Dressed Man

            facial recognition ft”w”

  • echar

    Awesome, thanks.

  • Juan

    Very cool.
    I forwarded it to my nephew who is headed down the Dawkins/Hitchens reality tunnel.

    • Cortacespedes

      Great idea. I know someone exactly like that. I’ll give that a try. Tho, it does amuse me to argue with them, I would miss that.

  • GD23

    someone built an internet, long ago, using our brains as servers.

  • rhetorics_killer

    Eventually everything one may name exists, as a metaphysical fact. And every idea conceived around any ‘thing’ strengthens the very fact of its existence. According to this the christian god for example exists in the proportion of every lives it feeds and ‘guides’, as well as in the numerous artworks it has all along the centures inspired and helped achieve, or the shaping of western politics it did. And yet among educated people this in no way is proof of any actual ‘existence’. From there one may incline to ask oneself: what is the very meaning of the word ‘existence’? Concluding: what is true we can establish: no need to incarnate to enjoy ‘existence.’

    And be careful here not to fall in the very deceptive quicksand of wording.

  • trompe l’oiel

    I believe Horselover Fat called this whole phenomenon VALIS (vast acting living intelligence system), the living information apparatus known to us as ‘Logos’

    Phillip K. Dick was not crazy, not even a little.

    I’ve been really trying to understand the memetics of this simulation lately… this is interesting