• Jin The Ninja

    “anarcho-capitalist activist”

    oh. please.

  • Will Coles

    Did he just use Ayn Rand’s fiction to justify an economic opinion?! Oh dear…

  • Dingbert

    I’m sure his fear-based promotion of Bitcoin on cable news and the web has nothing to do with his vocation as an “investor.”
    5 bucks says BTC fails first. By the way, $5 would be 0.007 BTC. A month ago, it would have been about 0.001 BTC. Great news for speculators like Berwick, but Benjamin Graham would be spinning in his grave.

  • Reasor

    Promoting money made literally from nothing while disparaging U.S. federal reserve notes, without a trace of cognitive dissonance in one’s voice, is at least a logical evolution of the gold currency pyramid scheme these Libertarian crooks have been selling for years.

    Now, you don’t even have to invest real money in gold mines to make a buck; just overclock a spare PC or two and sell math to the gullible for real money – for dollars, in other words – and laugh all the way to the bank! Just be sure you get out before the bubble bursts!