Sadistic Cops Videotape Themselves Torturing Mentally Ill Man With Taser

As stupid as they are sadistic, a bunch of cops and their paramedic buddies taped themselves torturing a mentally ill man witha  stun gun.  Naturally, they uploaded it to YouTube.

Via BoingBoing:

Police and paramedics in Millvale, Pa., were recorded on video laughing as they repeatedly stunned a handcuffed and mentally-ill man as he pounded his head against the side of a desk. The video–predictably–ended up on YouTube, and the police officers involved became targets of an FBI investigation and a federal lawsuit.

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  • Anarchy Pony

    We’re gonna need a bigger wall.

  • swabby429

    There appears to be some question as to just how many mentally ill people are involved in this incident.

  • uzza

    and here they tell us it’s al-Qeada we should be afraid of.

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