Substance Analysis Kits – Find out whats in any plant or drug!

Paranoid about what substance are really on blotter? Or just itching to explore the biochemical treasures hiding within your local plants?

This non-profit harm reduction project from TLConscious is one of its kind and employs an easy to do TLC method for identifying chemicals that goes far beyond a simple test to see if your LSD is truly LSD (but it can do that to).  Its made by those with extensive experience in both the psychedelic and harm reduction community. Even the DMT-Nexus has publicly given the project its full support.

With the plethora of new and old psychoactive chemicals surging out into the cultural ocean, and the urgent need to identify more local DMT and psychoactive containing plant medicines, this project would be a huge step in furthering not only our harm reduction efforts, but our exploratory interests as well. These plants and compounds have an immense  power for unlocking humanities potential, along with deep therapeutic uses. By making them safer and more accessible we can further our understanding and open up our ability to more effectively utilize the medicines all around us.

Humanity needs to re-tune into the wisdom of the biochemical plant kingdom now more than ever. Projects like these  make using substances and plants safer, and expand our knowledge of the potentially dozens if not hundreds of powerful plant teachers waiting to be discovered. This will help us identify local plants with these key healing abilities, and through cultivation we can expand our symbiotic relationship with the ecosystem. Its been said that biochemistry is the language of the plants. If that is true then this project could be a significant step in furthering our engagement with that dialog.

The kit itself is completely legal, and contains no mention of illegal substances. A .pdf document containing the necessary information is emailed once the kit is sent.

TLC is a method employed by chemists all over the world, but now its been made extremely accessible to the public. This opens up entirely new avenues of human/plant exploration and helps ensure safety at festivals, raves, or in your own home.

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    This fantastic and will save a lot of agony, frustration, and money.

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