USA Has Plans for Hypersonic Robot Plane

blueskyWhen I was a kid I couldn’t wait for robots to be a part of daily life. Sadly, my childish dreams of a robot buddy a la R2D2 have long been replaced by the reality of globe-crossing semi-autonomous bringers of death. Check out Lockheed Martin’s newest entry into the world of robot death machines, a hypersonic drone that should be on schedule to be killing babies born today by the time they’re nearly adults.

Via BBC:

Lockheed Martin has begun work on a successor to the supersonic Blackbird SR-71 spy plane.

The unmanned SR-72 will use an engine that combines a turbine and a ramjet to reach its top speed of Mach 6 – about 3,600mph (5,800km/h). Like its predecessor, the SR-72 will be designed for high-altitude surveillance but might also be fitted with weapons to strike targets.

Lockheed said the aircraft should be operational by 2030.

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  • Punctuated Colon

    So what. I “had plans” for a fulfilled life.

    And here I am, bitching on the internet

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      Bless your heart.

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        Do persons outside of Dixie appreciate the nuance of that phrase?

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          I had no idea how insulting it was until someone explained to me that it’s sort of like a church lady saying fuck you idiot.

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            Ya, its sort of like patting the retarded kid on the head.

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          Paranoia is universal. No worries

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    More killing machines for The Empire. Just what we need right now.

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      Now you’re catching on!

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    Much effort is put into sentience/consciousness prevention in both human and automated ai systems that are utilized for questionable moral objectives.

    Perhaps embedding Asimov’s 3 Laws?

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    I’m designing stealth hypersonic incubi/succubi robots. BAM! WHAT JUST HAPPENED?! ROBOT SODOMY!

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    Once again, sci fi fantasies take a wrong turn.

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    the USA is a hypersonic robot plane

    I’m on a plain
    I can’t complain