The Wastefulness of the Drug War Enables Violent Criminals to Escape Arrest

This thought-provoking video examines how misdirecting law enforcement toward arresting non-violent drug users impacts violent crime arrests, and then contrasts the United States’ policies with those of other nations.

  • InfvoCuernos

    One of the functions of “The War on Drugs” is to serve as a giant entrapment to get the poor into the prison system for tracking and control. Of course, the other purpose is to generate untraceable money to fund all sorts of ugly shit.

  • Simon Valentine

    short of a long term plan, aint it j’st uncle sam having ptsd related short term memory loss or disorder? maybe some senility? surely it’s all so innocent and sensical as this and there are no crimes happening, no pigeons in the wrong nests, no trucks in the wrong place, no stories with the wrong time … surely there’s no syndrome, no “i’ll go to the shopping mall on wednesday so no one will be there” … surely there’s no sale blow outs that heart attack and stroke the old man … surely there’s no gimmick, no name calling, no conversion …

    question is, what drugs did he do to get that way…

    well, hemp, but anyway … =D

  • dani pettas

    Awesome video.