Woman Blames David Icke for Son’s Bizarre Death

david-icke-books-and-stories-and-written-worksI’m not the biggest fan of David icke, but I can’t get behind blaming him for something like this. It’s a little close to the “Satanic Panic” of the eighties, when bands like Judas Priest and games like Dungeons & Dragons were blamed for suicides and murders. Sad story, though.

Via the Mirror:

A small, tearful figure huddled in her stark home in the small Cornish village of Rescorla, Susan explains how her elder son Luke “worshipped” Icke and was so keen to prove his theories on Near Death Experiences, he decided to test them, with fatal consequences.

On May 17 he walked alone to a flooded clay pit and submerged himself in the icy water in an attempt to induce hypothermia.

His aim, Susan believes, was to experience “astral projection”, when con­scious­ness is said to leave the body and lead to a state of heightened spirituality.

Luke, 27, was wearing a life-jacket and goggles, signs that Susan insists mean he did not intend to die.

His body was dragged out two days later after his brother Daniel, 26, finally gave Susan a note Luke had left in case it all went wrong.

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10 Comments on "Woman Blames David Icke for Son’s Bizarre Death"

  1. Jacob Newton | Nov 16, 2013 at 8:10 pm |

    How can you blame others? Ok its your son but show him respect and acknowledge his own choices in life, regardless of consequences. Fucking kid is ghastly bitch slapping her right now.

  2. moremisinformation | Nov 16, 2013 at 8:22 pm |

    If someone told you to walk into a flooded clay pit and submerge yourself in the icy water would you do i…..oops

  3. I don’t think one can become a Reptoid that way. “Er, so I’ve heard.”

  4. DrDavidKelly | Nov 16, 2013 at 8:59 pm |

    So did it work?

  5. She could have been more of a influentual impact on him than an outside source. However I feel that Icke’s brand of bilking is decidedly thought virus ridden. Ultimately it was up to this young man to make choices, sadly he made a choice to explore far past the rabbit hole. The end result is that he deleted himself.

  6. Lol, listening to anyone outside yourself as an authority of anything is most likely a consciousness trap; only your own understandings can further your evolution. Having said that, when the hell did near death experience become a method for astral projection? Meditation, and maybe some binaural beats would of sufficed… And how the hell did he intend to prove it outside of himself to another person? Story sounds rediculous all the way around.. Scapegoat, attack, or stupidity.

  7. oneironauticus | Nov 17, 2013 at 12:40 am |

    There are easier ways to do this. Maybe not the “near death experience”, (I wouldn’t know if it’s the same thing, obviously) but “astral projection”, “out of body” etc…

    I guess I feel sorry for the guy, but there’s plenty of information out there if you really wanted to know… (Was just about to call him a “kid”, but seriously, 27? Old enough to know better…)

  8. She is desperately grasping for something to blame, anything. as the truth, that he is fucking moron, is too difficult to accept.

  9. I don’t like David Icke either, but this is like suing Darwin because his theory regarding natural selection worked against you. Any 27 year old adult who does something so phenomenally stupid that it erases hims from the equation is responsible for his own epic fail. If anything we should rejoice and hope that this otherwise tragic event inspires a mass die off among Icke-ians.

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