YouTube User Shows Futility of TSA ‘No Liquids’ Policy By Exploding ‘Fragguccino’

Via RawStory:

In a video on YouTube, contributor Evan “treefort” Booth at Terminal Cornucopia takes common items found in most airport terminals at retail kiosks and creates an explosive from them.

Using a stainless steel coffee mug, a Li-ion AA battery, a small canister of Axe Body Spray, a condom, and a bottle of water, the poster creates a “Fragguccino” that explodes when thrown. Water contained in the condom breaks, allowing the battery to heat up enough inside the mug to ignite the pressurized body spray canister.

  • Simon Valentine

    Truth: 1
    Youtube: 1/2
    “Man-power”: 2^sqrt(1)
    Realization that multiplication isn’t necessary: 0

    Welcome to Malachor V
    an over-simplification of economic stupidity
    notice the losers

    • Rhoid Rager

      Be wary of your subtrahend and minuend. Responsibility is always subtracted. Corruption is always added, and ignorance is multiplied. The losers are left with the remainder of blame.

  • Guest

    What, exactly, does this achieve? Rather than exposing the ‘futility’ of a no-liquids policy, it only seems to give the impression that we need more security. The ease with which this was made doesn’t exactly seem reassuring.

    • emperorreagan

      It shows the government’s limit is arbitrary, to make people feel good about things. In reality, it does nothing to stop improvised weaponry.

      If you’re inclined to the “more security” viewpoint, then perhaps everyone should be stripped naked, placed in a straight jacket and strapped to their seat, and the plane pumped with nitrous oxide during the flight.

      • I_abide

        If we can do away with the straight jacket I’m in. They chafe horribly.

        • emperorreagan

          I’m no fan of being on the recipient side of bondage, but I’d sign up for the N2O compartment.