Coincidence Control Network: Episode 56

Happy HolidaysCoincidence Control Network: File #056 – Tila Tequila Ate Our Episode!

This week: Ho Ho, Kin’ Ho! Satan to get a statue?, Tila Tequila turns to Hitler, Print your food!, Mysterious puzzles on the interwebs, Playstations: the refuge of the damned!, Blockbuster Video: good night sweet prince, and NSA getting their Judgements.

PersonnelJoe Nolan, Frater Isla, and Ken Eakins


  • Oklahoma Leaders say Satanic Monument Unlikely – Link
  • Thefuturenowreport: Print your fucking food! – Link
  • The Internet’s Most Mysterious Puzzle Link
  • Playstations are for perves and weirdos – Link
  • Blockbuster’s Last Rental Link
  • NSA Surveillance is ‘Likely Unconstitutional,’ Judge Rules – Link


Sospetto, Serge Gainsbourg, and Reverend Horton Heat

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