Coincidence Control Network: File #055 – The Search for Kim


This week: We’re a man down, but hunkier than ever, America goes gaga for molly, Art bell: we hardly knew thee … on satellite, Ikea CATastrophe, Mars barred, Did you father a child at a Megadeth concert?, and William Burroughs: Scientologist.

PersonnelJoe Nolan and Ken Eakins



America finally notices MDMA – Link

Art Bell Cancelled – Link

IKEA let 100 cats loose in a store – Link

The Trouble with Mars (Space News) – Link

Chick gets knocked up at a Megadeth show, tries to find father on Craigslist – Link

William S. Burroughs – Scientologist! – LinkLink



Secret Chiefs 3, Lipps Inc

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  • emperorreagan

    Ah, the good Frater Isla is joining CCN?

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