Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out To Be True

We generally don’t post infographics but this one might get disinfonauts on vacation thinking about what other conspiracy theories turned out to be true. Fire away in the comments y’all…

Conspiracy Theories


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  • Aipeed Teaitchse

    Basically you just have to wait 50 years until the government confirms what people have been ridiculed for saying the whole time as whistle blowers are silenced and dismissed until the guilty parties are no longer living. Dozens to hundreds missing here but nice infographic bro

  • Paul Duca

    I just would like to say…denaturing alcohol wasn’t a conspiracy in the sense it was secret–it was publicized and the products were labeled with warnings.

  • Transfixed

    You forgot 9/11 being masterminded by a cabal of international intelligence agencies, primarily the United States.

  • jasonpaulhayes

    2 words “Pharmacratic Inquisition” … which is also a good film.

  • dr_mabeuse

    There was nothing conspiratorial about “poisoning” alcohol. Prohibition made drinkable alcohol (ethyl alcohol or ethanol) illegal, but ethanol has lots of other important uses in industry and manufacturing. In order to let industry continue to use ethanol but keep people from drinking it, ethanol was “denatured” by adding various substances to it to make it toxic. The practice continues to this day, with the government taxing the hell out of drinkable alcohol, but selling the denatured stuff for pennies. The denaturants are chosen to be very difficult to remove, and every year people die trying.

  • dr_mabeuse

    Wow! Where do you people come up with this stuff?? These are your best examples of “conspiracies that turned out to be true”? I’m a biochemist, and I can tell you that some of these are just plain untrue.
    Yes, some early vaccines were unknowingly contaminated, because making a vaccine back then required using heat to deactivate the viral proteins enough that they were no longer infectious, but not so much that the proteins were destroyed. And sometimes the process didn’t hit things just right.
    But how you go from that to saying the contamination was intentional and a “conspiracy” just staggers the imagination! Why would they want to infect people in 1954 with a virus that wasn’t even known till 1960?
    As for the “gay bomb”, the military has investigated disruptive chemical agents since the 50’s, including LSD, sex hormones, and even things that make your sweat stink really bad (mercaptans). In the 80’s pheromones were all the rage after they were discovered in insects, who use them as sexual attractants. But by the 90’s it was pretty well known that they had absolutely no effect on human behavior, and even the perfume industry stopped advertising them.

    • gustave courbet

      Its been a while since I read about the issue, but I believe the ‘conspiracy’ via SV40 referees to public health officials covering up the fact of accidental contamination of vaccines to avoid public backlash and lawsuits. As for the ‘gay bomb’ idea- to my mind, this story highlights the frightening and wasteful programs that get cooked up inside the classified establishment, and while superficially comical denotes much more disturbing tendencies within the insular world of black projects.

    • Jonas Grumby

      Thanks for posting. You saved me the trouble. Amazing how saying “yeah, it is true” is enough to convince some people.

  • Damien Quinn

    The Tonkin incident? The Iran Contra affair? MKUltra?