Data Companies Sell Lists Of Rape Victims, HIV Sufferers, People On Various Medications For 8¢ Per Name

rape-sufferers-listHonestly, I think what will most spur members of Congress to action on this issue is that databases of Americans with erectile dysfunction are among those being sold. Forbes writes:

In a congressional hearing this week, Pam Dixon, executive director of the World Privacy Forum, revealed disturbing lists that she has found for sale from data brokers you’ve likely never heard of, including a “Rape Sufferers List” from a company called MEDbase 200, which sells lists about the medical industry.

The list, which was taken down yesterday after an inquiry from the Wall Street Journal, is still cached, as are some other disturbing lists such as “erectile dysfunction sufferers,” “alcoholism sufferers” and “ AIDS/HIV sufferers.“ All the lists promised 1,000 names for the low of $79:

“Select from families affected by over 500 different ailments, or who are consumers of over 200 different Rx medications. Lists can be further selected on the basis of lifestyle, ethnicity, geo, gender, and much more.”


  • Jack Knife

    I’m a hypochondriac, no wonder my spam folder over floweth. I think I have everything! lol

  • DeSwiss

    I’m sure that the erectile dysfunction people whose names were sold for only $0.08 probably think it should have been much, much more. :-/

  • InfvoCuernos

    So I guess that Doctor-patient privacy doesn’t apply because its a pharmaceutical company and not a doctor? This seems like a minor technicality to me.

  • heinrich6666

    Has anybody ever really ‘suffered’ from HIV, though? I mean, I used to give it to everybody.

  • Andrew

    It’s not oppression if someone who’s not in government does it!