Graham Hancock at the National Arts Club: The Research Behind His Novel ‘War God ‘

If you are a fellow obsessive lost civilization/alien abduction/alternate history nerd such as I presume to be, than chances are you will have engorged geeky gonads for all that I’ve just lain before your feet, you scurvy information mendicants!

Graham Hancock gives a lecture for the historic National Arts Club- Art and Technology Committee to a capacity audience. The title of the lecture is “Exploring Consciousness: Upper Paleolithic Cave Art to Modern Day Shamanism”. He covers his views on consciousness, his controversial TED Talk, and his experiences working with visionary plants.

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  • Jeremy Johnson

    Watching this up tomorrow – ah, I really should read War Gods! It’s just sitting there on my Kindle. Did you read it? And if so, how’d you like it?

    • Juan

      Yeah, I read War God. Found it a very entertaining, if a bit gory, read. A ripping good yarn, as they say.
      I liked Entangled better, even though it is a cliff-hanger, with no sequel in sight. Entangled is a shamanic thriller set in both contemporary postmodern civilization and the upper Paleolithic. The whole thing is presided over by Madre Ayahuasca. Amazing he got such a thing published.

      • Jeremy Johnson

        Whoops, Just caught this now. Thanks Juan. I’ll pick up Entangled next.

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