Hooters Sues Escort Service For Tarnishing Chain’s Image

Pic: BemLoira BemDevassa (CC)

Pic: BemLoira BemDevassa (CC)

Hooters, the best known of America’s “breastaurant” chains, is suing a Florida escort company for its recent Craigslist ad that read “Now hiring Hooters girls $100 per hour.” (Incidentally, if you’re interested in a great non-fiction title on the lives and untimely deaths of several Craigslist escorts who were likely the victims of a serial killer, then I strongly recommend Robert Kolker’s Lost Girls: An Unsolved American Mystery. I’ve been reading it over the holiday, and must praise the author for portraying the victims as human beings instead of disposable or faceless “hookers.”)

Hooters of America, the restaurant chain known for its skimpily clad waitresses, is suing a Florida escort service it says tarnished Hooters’ trademarks as it sought to hire away its employees.

The lawsuit, filed on Thursday in federal court in Fort Lauderdale, says that Nikki’s Escort Service and its proprietor Nikki Swafford posted ads on the Tampa site of Craigslist.com stating: “Now Hiring Hooters Girls $100 Per Hour.”

The ads were accompanied by a photo of women wearing the chain’s official uniform.

Hooters argued that Nikki’s tarnished its trademarks, including its signature owl logo, and engaged in deceptive trade practices for suggesting the restaurant chain is affiliated with the escort service.

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  1. American Cannibal | Dec 29, 2013 at 6:21 pm |


  2. Hooters girls are not like strippers (nothing wrong with strippers BTW); they are more like cheerleaders. Most of them are ex-cheerleaders.

  3. This is what I know. The couple times I went to Hooters, I got awful service and mediocre food. It could have been the locations/management., however it was two different locations. I do know they’ve been sued in the past for discrimination due to appearance related specifications. I have a feeling appearance is more important than job related experience.

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