Japanese Gangsters Hiring Homeless To Clean Up Fukushima Disaster Area


Pic: Sean Wilson (PD)

Organized crime controlling construction and waste disposal? That sounds familiar. Crime bosses in Japan are recruiting the nation’s homeless and paying them next to nothing to clean up the deadly remains of the Fukushima disaster.

Japan’s three biggest crime syndicates have established illegal recruitment under construction powerhouse Obayashi, a top contractor. Reuters speaks to one man paid by a gangster to collect potential homeless workers: Seiji Sasa would find men at a local train station and get them work through a number of smaller contractors that eventually reported to Obayashi (which has not been fingered in the scheme). The workers would be paid less than minimum wage after middlemen skimmed some and deductions were taken for food and housing; in other cases, those deductions were taken from their scant pay, leaving the workers with no money, or even in debt.

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  1. jasonpaulhayes | Dec 31, 2013 at 1:02 pm |

    On a positive note… the seniors and the aging in the nuclear industry of Japan (having little to fear from the radiation) were the first line of defense and didn’t allow young people to work the site until their efforts were exhausted first.

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