Was Mpregs This Year’s Strangest Meme?

After reading this you may wish you never knew, but if you haven’t heard, the term mpreg refers to a passionate internet subculture devoted to all aspects of male pregnancy. Mpreg enthusiasts create and spread illustrations, stories, and photoshopped images celebrating pregnant versions of imaginary and real-life males of all sorts, from celebrity heartthrobs to political figures to cartoon characters.

Mpreg Central features discussion forums and allows users to upload their own pregnancy “morph” pictures. Meanwhile, the Mpreg Archive boasts pregnant-male fan fiction for Lord of the Rings, Doctor Who, The X-Files, and Pirates of the Caribbean, among offerings. With mpreg Harry Potter and touching posthumous mpreg tributes to Paul Walker rolling in, with 2014 be the year mpreg goes mainstream?


  • heinrich6666

    whut the FOCK

    BTW: I figured out the Paul Walker death. It was done to make the Michael Hastings death appear plausible. Both are 30-something guys, both are good-looking, both with stubble on their youthful faces. Both killed in car wrecks in LA. The Illuminashians are very clever: they know we treat the death of any celebrity with a cult status that is unquestionable. Paul Walker’s assassination functions to make the Hastings death de facto plausible.

    • Andrew

      Hastings is alive.

      • Ramadasa Jivatma

        Ummm, no he isn’t.

        • heinrich6666

          Disqus on Disinfo is a lot like shitting in a tin can.

          • echar

            There’s nothing holding you here.

          • Andrew

            You’re assuming he meant that in a bad way.

          • echar

            That is true, although I can’t think of anything fun about shitting in a tin can. Whatever floats his boat I guess. I do know from experience that shitting in a bucket is not pleasant.

        • Andrew

          I suppose you believe in Santa Clause and evolution too.

  • echar

    Gross, no!

  • Virtually Yours

    Ha! This is kinda brilliant. And let’s be blunt: if men could get pregnant, you wouldn’t be able to spit without hitting an abortion clinic. They’d have them in gas stations and at Walmart. Christ, there would be coupons: “I’ve had so many abortions, the next one’s free!” – “I’ve had more children ripped out of me than a burning orphanage!”

    If I were gonna write one of these stories, it would feature some of the old white men in congress who have done everything they can to take away a woman’s right to choose…have them genetically altered so that they can become pregnant and then have them knocked up against their will. One can only imagine how quick they would be to change their tune :-)

    PS: No, I am not advocating for anyone to be raped…they could be knocked up via artificial insemination. Rape is never justifiable, not even in a fictional context while aimed at sexist/racist/homophobic assholes.

  • Anarchy Pony

    Pregnant sonic is pretty creepy…

    • dd1976

      when he delivers, the baby is going to rip his body in half