NSA Coworker Recalls Edward Snowden As Principled Genius Who Kept Copy Of US Constitution At Desk

Picture: NSA Hoodie from EFF.

Picture: NSA Hoodie from EFF.

An anonymous former coworker of Snowden’s has come forward to refute the negative picture of the whistleblower offered in a recent 60 Minutes puff-piece on the NSA. Snowden wasn’t a slouch or cheat. He didn’t “steal” access to sensitive data, either: His NSA superiors gave it to him. What’s amazing about that is that Snowden actually wore the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s anti NSA hoodie to work and kept a copy of the constitution at his desk. (“Hey, I’ve got a great idea! Let’s give this guy who is practically screaming dissenting patriot and whistleblower keys to our vault of shadowy, criminal secrets!”)

Via Forbes:

  • Snowden’s superiors were so impressed with his skills that he was at one point offered a position on the elite team of NSA hackers known as Tailored Access Operations. He unexpectedly turned it down and instead joined Booz Allen to work at NSA’s Threat Operation Center.
  • Another hint of his whistleblower conscience, aside from the telltale hoodie: Snowden kept a copy of the constitution on his desk to cite when arguing against NSA activities he thought might violate it.
  • The source tells me Snowden also once nearly lost his job standing up for a coworker who was being disciplined by a superior.
  • Snowden often left small, gifts anonymously at colleagues’ desks.
  • He frequently walked NSA’s halls carrying a Rubik’s cube–the same object he held to identify himself on a Hong Kong street to the journalists who first met with him to publish his leaks.


  • American Cannibal

    Booz Allen is a drunk.

  • Liam_McGonagle

    ” . . . Who Kept Copy Of US Constitution At Desk.”

    So does Obama. He just has a few dozen bottles of liquid correction paper and some feathered quills on the desk, too.