‘Optogenetics’ Uses Light To Tweak Brain

criminalbrainNPR reports on a new medical tool that could pave the way toward innovative treatments for depression, seizure disorder and other conditions.


When President Obama announced his BRAIN Initiative in April, he promised to give scientists “the tools they need to get a dynamic picture of the brain in action.”

An early version of one of those tools already exists, scientists say. It’s a relatively new set of techniques called optogenetics that allows researchers to control the activity of brain cells using light.

“This is fantastic,” says Elizabeth Hillman, a biomedical engineer at Columbia University. “We can turn things on, turn things off, read stuff out.” In short, she says, it provides a way to observe and control what brain circuits are doing in real time in a living brain.

Eventually, optogenetics could not only help explain diseases like epilepsy and depression, but offer a way to treat them. But the technique needs some refinement before it can be used in people or in remote parts of the brain, Hillman says.

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  1. heinrich6666 | Dec 27, 2013 at 3:22 pm |

    TWEAK THE BRAINS O’ THOSE 9/11 TRUTHERS! YEAH! … (You’re either with us or against us.)

  2. I get a mild case of seasonal affective disorder every winter. Vacationing in LA this Xmas I had an ecstatic experience just being in the sunshine. Or it could have been the weed.

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