Singularity Goes Mainstream With Johnny Depp’s ‘Transcendence’

Via Slate:

This may be the singularity’s mainstream moment. Popularized by sci-fi author Vernor Vinge, the term refers to a theoretical point at which machines eclipse humans in intelligence, and beyond which pretty much everything changes. Kurzweil is its preeminent latter-day apostle, and he was recently hired as an engineer by Google to work on hastening its arrival by teaching computers to understand English. Now we’ve got Captain Jack Sparrow explaining it in a voiceover.

  • Sleeping Heretic

    Captain jack sparrow? or.. Morgan Freeman? 😉

  • echar

    This movie looks potentially awesome.

  • American Cannibal

    Christ. Hasn’t this same damn movie been remade enough times already?

  • Nikholaos


    • Melt into the sun


  • AManCalledDa-da

    Intelligence is not enlightenment.

  • alisa

    hehe. i kept hoping the morgan freeman trailer would end with a shot of Johnny 5.

    • Matt Staggs

      NUMBER FIVE IS ALIIIIIVE! Dammit, Alisa, now you’ve got me thinking of doing this and I really don’t have time today. Oh, but the temptation is there.

  • Anarchy Pony I’ll just leave this here. Incidentally, I love the term Monkey Hive.

    • American Cannibal

      Dance, monkies, dance

  • sgtdoom

    Oh, screw Kurzweil and quit mentioning that silly rich boy who believes in fairy tales and the fairy tale status quo, ferchrissakes!

    Such a singularity no longer matters, if it ever did.

    We have reached the predicted social singularity where people and populations have been so indoctrinated, so dumbed down, as to be rendered as sheeple, with a single analytical neuron in their little pinheads, unable to do anything other than believe whatever they put on TV!

    If Putin and the Russians tends towards fairty tales. Recall when President Obama’s administration rounded up a bunch of Russkies, and then deported them under the Foreign Agents Registration Act for not registering as business agents for Russia?

    Because Putin had believe in that TV crapola about America being a meritocracy, so he dispatched their best computer science grads to America, believing they would easily be hired in the various tech corporations, and perform corporate tech espionage for Mother Russia!

    None of them were successful, ‘natch!

  • sgtdoom

    Stupid trailer says for 130,000 years our cognitive capacity remained unchanged?
    Huh, Boskops anyone?

    Genetic research into the fossils of humanity indicates there have been at least 27 iterations of humans in various forms on this planet.

    Eff these stoopid trailers…..