Small Alabama Town “Accidentally” Books African-American Gay Dance Troupe for Christmas Parade

For their part, the Elites say that the parade’s organizers knew good and well who they were hiring. As always, there’s the obligatory “Won’t someone think about the children” outrage.

Via Raw Story

Residents in the small town of Semmes, Alabama were surprised when one of the acts in the annual Christmas parade was a group of black drag queens known as “The Prancing Elite.”

The captain of the troupe, Kentrell Collins, said he believed the offer had been made in good faith, and that the representative for the Friends of Semmes to whom he spoke knew who she was hiring.

“I said we’re all over 21 and we’re guys. She was so excited. She was like I didn’t know they had any groups like that in Mobile,” Collins told Fox 10 News.

The reaction of local residents to the troupe’s performance was overwhelmingly negative.

“I was outraged and appalled. I never expect anything like this at the Semmes Christmas parade,” Claudia Davis told Fox 10 News. “If they were gonna put this kind of activity in the parade, they should have notified the people of Semmes so that we had a choice whether we wanted out children to attend and see something like that.”


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  1. Conspiracy Carrot | Dec 23, 2013 at 6:41 pm |

    “I was outraged and appalled.”

    Good. Merry Christmas.

  2. I think this is hilarious.

  3. There’s nothing wrong with asking people to think of the children. The problem is that the question is asked of people who aren’t really harming the children, rather than being asked of the parents, who are.

    • You can’t shelter them their whole lives, and if they do, it’s a huge diservice to them.

      • I’m talking about beatings. Parents need to think of their children, and not how pissed they are at being inconvenienced.

        • A parent should never beat their children, nore scream at them… NEVER!

          • I agree. Hitting and screaming at children is how authoritarianism is taught. Making children face the consequences of their own actions, however, is a good thing. It’s weird how many people can’t see the wide chasm between abusing children and spoiling them.

          • InfvoCuernos | Dec 24, 2013 at 7:22 pm |

            OR lock them in a dark closet, or withhold food, or force menial labor-merry X-mas everyone!

  4. Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahah . . . Hahahahahahahahahha . . . . Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!
    The Prancing Elites, hello! Fabulous!
    Thanks, I needed a good laugh:)
    Edit: “The horror, the horror.”

  5. jasonpaulhayes | Dec 24, 2013 at 6:53 pm |

    “I’m Rick James and I approve this message”

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