Watch Wal-Mart’s Protester-Demonizing Commercial “Black LieDay”

Via the Nation, Wal-Mart strikes back against its critics in a mind-bending new advertising campaign:

As activists continue to organize demonstrations at McDonalds, Walmart and other low-wage firms, big protests are planned against retailers for mistreating their workers this Black Friday. In response, consultants are ramping up efforts to marginalize them.

Last night Worker Center Watch, a new website dedicated to attacking labor-affiliated activist groups, began sponsoring advertisements on Twitter to promote smears against the protests planned for Black Friday. “This Black Friday, just buy your gifts, not their lies,” instructs the narrator.

Parquet Public Affairs, a Florida-based government relations and crisis management firm for retailers and fast food companies, registered the Worker Center Watch website. The firm is led by Joseph Kefauver, formerly the president of public affairs for Walmart.

  • Anarchy Pony

    Bow to your betters, Proles! OBEY! SUBMIT!

  • Earthstar

    Justin Bieber is apparently a professional protester now…

  • Haystack

    The best way to show that you’re not mistreating your workers is to broadcast advertisements bitching about what filthy liars they are.

  • PrimateZero

    Hey Robber Barons, try spending the money you saved on not paying your workers and get some slicker propaganda.

  • Charmagne Elliott

    Wallop the Waltons.

  • Joseph Mayfield

    I’m speechless..

  • Jonas Planck

    It takes real skill to make your propaganda look lazier and more smugly self-important than a Steven Crowder video. You have to be TRYING to fail.

  • gustave courbet

    What disturbs me is that this lackluster and lackadaisical propaganda may actually have an audience of smug no-nothings.

  • jerry

    Is this a joke from the Onion?