William Blake’s Super-Trippy Illustrations For ‘Paradise Lost’

BlakeSinDeathDevilOpen Culture spotlights William Blake’s surrealistic illustrations inspired by Milton’s Paradise Lost. Blake was a fascinating character: An Outsider Artist before there was such a term. A mystic, poet and cultural radical (a 19th century advocate of “free love” among other notions), one wonders why there haven’t been a successful biographical film about this revolutionary figure.



2 Comments on "William Blake’s Super-Trippy Illustrations For ‘Paradise Lost’"

  1. heinrich6666 | Dec 27, 2013 at 2:07 pm |

    Super-trippy? I only see nice porcelain bosoms.

  2. I’d watch a biographical film about Blake. On a somewhat related note. I highly recommend Dante’s Inferno – An Animated Epic (2010)


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