300,000 West Virginians Left Without Clean Water Following Chemical Spill

freedom industries

For the past five days authorities have been scrambling to provide emergency water rations to West Virginians who have been ordered not to drink or even touch the tap water in their region, thanks to one “Freedom Industries.” Via MSNBC:

Roughly 300,000 residents have been left without usable water after chemicals spilled into a West Virginia river Thursday. The West Virginia American Water Company has advised residents of nine state counties not to drink or bathe in their running water. Local stores have been flooded with customers looking for bottled drinking water.

The spill originated at a chemical storage facility run by the Charleston-based company Freedom Industries, when a 48,000 gallon tank dumped an indeterminate amount of 4-Methylcyclohexane Methanol into the Elk River. The chemical, also known as MCHM, is used by coal companies to wash and prepare their product. People who are exposed to it may experience vomiting, skin blistering and shortness of breath. Very little is known about the other potential health consequences of exposure to the compound.

The leak started in Charleston, West Virginia’s capital. Local officials became aware that something was wrong after residents called to complain of a black licorice smell in the water.

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  1. Aparently, this company has been unregulated since 1991.

  2. Hmmmm. is Jay Rockefeller still the senator-for-life from that state?
    Is Jay Rockefeller still a Rockefeller?
    Was the last state inspection of Freedom’s facilities back in 1991?
    (I suspect the answer to all three question is YES!)

  3. As transparent as the bottled water he is drinking, whilst dodging questions.


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