Abby Martin Censored on Wikipedia: Editing Truth by Mob Rule

Abby Martin goes over the editing practices of the online encyclopedia, Wikipedia, and calls out the website’s editors for their lack of all-encompassing points of view.

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  • echar

    More and more I am missing the pre social media internet.

    • Simon Valentine

      ah, but is not dream-building followed by fact slamming so continuously not tiresome nor bothersome? never mind authority’s resume!

      • echar

        It was nerdvana way back when. Now it’s little pockets of that, with large bodies of blah!

        • Simon Valentine

          well said. and thanks, i hadn’t had my interest piqued by any of the disinfo FB feeds for awhile, but there were a few lately. it’s good to check in.

  • heinrich6666

    Abby Martin: Too hot!

    • American Cannibal

      Def. on the hit it list.

    • Juan

      Agreed. Total babe!