Alejandro Jodorowsky On Creating Your Soul Through The Tarot

Legendary surrealist filmmaker, artist, magician, and tarot card expert Alejandro Jodorowsky reveals how the tarot allows the nature of reality to unfold:

If you use the tarot to see the future, you become a conman, a charlatan. For me the tarot was something more serious. It was a deep psychological search.

When you see the tarot, you see that chance exists, that synchronicity exists, everything is linked. When you deeply enter that dimension that i call the dance of reality the world dances around you and gives you what you seek.

We need something to help us pass on to another dimension. The creation of an androgynous thought that leads to a superior mind. When you are linked to everyone there are no enemies.

3 Comments on "Alejandro Jodorowsky On Creating Your Soul Through The Tarot"

  1. Rus Archer | Jan 28, 2014 at 2:39 pm |

    the way of the tarot + marseilles deck = great combo for learning

  2. Subtitles, I don’t need no estinking subtitles.

  3. My first deck was the Marseilles, at the book store I felt like we had to get it when I saw it. Now I want it back. those readings led me towards a tattoo of the 13 card (with a little anti stateist imagery added). Kinda cool after watching Jodorowsky’s explanation, that I never managed to get it finished. Reminds me of the work I still have to do even though I constantly get lost on my journey.

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