Announcing The Hipgnostic Trialogues.

In support of my 3rd book, Hipgnosis and the Dr. Aaron Cheak’s book, Alchemical Traditions, we are embarking on an ambitious tour across North America and Europe. We are building this tour through our friends and connections in cyberspace in a kind of social experiment where we make all of our internet friends our real life ones.

The tour is called Hipgnostic Trialogues and will feature myself, Dr. Aaron Cheak and David Metcalfe as we discuss Gnosis in the modern context. Since both of our works are collaborative works that feature many Disinfo writers as well as scientists, magicians, television hosts and researchers, we will have a different guest MC for every tour stop.

I hope that you will take a minute to see what you can do to participate in this crazy adventure!

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  • Benton Rooks

    Really looking forward to this! Do you know if you will be coming to Boston?

  • Camron Wiltshire

    Good stuff Gabriel. You’ve got support in Atlanta.

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