Bioaccumulation Of Radiation In Fresh Water And Salt Water Fish After Chernobyl And Fukushima

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In the video above, we explore how to detect radiation in food. Why is this the ‘new normal’? With radiation accumulating in food, both animal, vegetable and fruit, we have no way of knowing how much radiation is in it. It is now becoming necessary to test ALL food before consuming it, due to the overwhelming magnitude of radiation contamination from many areas and nuclear facilities globally, not to mention depleted uranium weapons use.

Toxic radiation accumulates in water supplies after nuclear accidents. Radiation bioconcentrates in fish that live in fresh water and salt water. Runoff of fresh water from land which has been contaminated ends up contaminating oceans, and salt water creatures that live in it. Radiation can and does accumulate and bioconcentrate in fish and other creatures that live in the ocean, just like mercury, for example.

Most mass media stories about this subject downplay the hazards of nuclear radiation accumulating in animals or other foods. These ‘experts’ end up saying that despite increasing radiation levels in fish, there is ‘no immediate impact on health’. Although these are soothing words, there is little truth in these reports.

For example, they ignore the fact that children and infants are up to 2,000 times more sensitive to the same low dose of radiation in food or drink. What may be ‘harmless’ for at least a short period to a 200 pound adult healthy male, may be deadly to an egg, sperm, fetus, and/or highly toxic to a fetus,  baby or even a small child.

If the radiation released from nuclear accidents, uranium recycling plants and nuclear dumping is so harmless, why is there so much resistance to independent experts doing radiation testing of fish, seaweed and shellfish? Medical facilities, hospitals and labs are not ALLOWED to test for radiation in Japan. This looks very much like a cover up. If it is  NOT a coverup, what would a coverup look like. Would a coverup consist of a nation blocking all efforts to monitor and test for radiation by outside independent radiation ‘experts’?

Marine radiation monitoring blocked by Japanese … – Greenpeace Apr 28, 2011… “Now we are getting closer to Fukushima, the Japanese government has begun obstructing our efforts to do independent research. The sparse data published by the government and TEPCO is not enough to understand the real risks of the continuous leakage of radioactive water in the sea.

The Japanese people are in great need of independent information on the radioactive contamination of their seafood supply. Therefore, we are planning to do research on the radioactive contamination of seaweed, fish and shellfish.

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  1. This is a very poorly informed article and the sources are ridiculous.
    That said, not a single one of my nuclear engineering advisors in college would eat fish, due to bioaccumulation. And these are people that believe in hormesis. Coupled with the below study, I wouldn’t recommend it either.

  2. kowalityjesus | Jan 18, 2014 at 5:40 am |

    Radioactive SUBSTANCES can and do bioaccumulate in fish and wildlife, with apex predators suffering the highest concentrations. Therefore, eat DOWN the food chain: e.g. smelt, herring, sardines, shrimp. Fruits and plants, unless they are actually metabolizing some of the radioactive substances (unlikely for orchard trees because a recent event like Fukushima will contaminate the soil only immediately at the earth’s surface, not really at the roots) will not contain radioactive material, although they could have radioactive dust that soils them. (wash ya fruit!)

    The video says “there is no safe level of…radiation,” but it is misleading because there is no KNOWN safe level of radiation. Similar levels of radioactive exposure have produced wildly different reactions in different instances, sometimes large exposures produce negligible consequences, vice versa. We are all exposed to a certain amount of radiation daily, “background” radiation, and if ANY radiative particle damages DNA it can sometimes lead to cancerous growth.

    To bring into perspective the statistic of “40 becquerels” for Fukushima grapes in the video, we need to realize that bodily Potassium in a typical human produces 4,000 bequerels of activity alone. This is 100 times greater, and is considered part of our “background” radiation exposure.
    I think I could stand a 1% increase in my normal radiation exposure with
    some damn grapes.

    As the video demonstrates, radiation measurements using Geiger counters are empirically subjective, even though the measurements should ultimately be at least proportional between devices. Just to be exhaustive, let’s suppose that measuring an apple using a Geiger counter right next to it with an efficiency pf 50% registers 10 becquerels. The detection cylinder is also ascertaining only a minute radian-degree of the total radiation emitted by the object, let’s say 5%. Once ingested, your body will absorb 100% of the radiation emitted by this apple. So since the device is only 50% efficient and covers only 5% of the total particle field, there would be an actual 400 becquerels absorbed by your body from ingesting the apple instead of the measurement of 10 becquerels. So it is indeed best not to eat radioactive stuff.

  3. Liam_McGonagle | Jan 18, 2014 at 10:27 am |

    I know you can’t really PLAN for what kind of superpowers a radiation leak is going to give you, but I’m holding out for ‘lying in delirious stupor while coughing up bloody chunks of lung’.

    Kind of like Sunday morning.

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