Bruce Springsteen & Jimmy Fallon’s ‘Born To Run’ Video Spears Chris Christie

The Boss isn’t buying Chris Christie’s BS! Bridgegate just got much better as Bruce Springsteen and Jimmy Fallon join in a parody version of “Born To Run” with Bridgegate-iinspired lyrics:


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9 Comments on "Bruce Springsteen & Jimmy Fallon’s ‘Born To Run’ Video Spears Chris Christie"

  1. I suspect “harpoons” rather than “spears” might have been a better choice of words for the title.

    • Chris Christie is corpulent. Too bad sharing that quality with an ever growing percentage of the American population won’t help him live out his dream of being a world-class toolpresident

      • And just because…

        • That’s nightmare material.

          • C’mon guy! He brought his Conan the Barbarian™ sword to a budget meeting while governating the great state of IndigestionCalifornia!

            Think of the possibilities!

          • Swords are pretty cool. My comment wasn’t political, just stating my reaction to the image. His lips are too close to his nipple.

          • Yeah, I can see that angle on it. I’d say more a mild indigestion here.

            By serendipity, it was the first pairing of images that caught my eye.

      • His problem isn’t his waistline, it’s the fat between his ears. Of course, if he were competent, he’d be more dangerous (look at Obama). Being stupid can undo the best image-burnishing work of PR pros.

        If Christie were competent and there were reason to believe he was working for the 99%, would be inclined to support him regardless of his weight, gender preferences, species, or planet of origin.

        Of course, if he were for the rest of us, he could not get elected.

        • The great thing about corpulent is I think it covers that. 😉 Despite that, he still comes off more competent than Gee Dubya…

          As for what you posit about Christie and the 99%, I still have my doubts. Ultimately I think Americans, even politically engaged and competent ones at that, are far too image conscious to elect a fat man president. At the very least, it’d be a gift to the 1% to exploit to its full potential.

          For my $0.02, if you’re significantly overweight and in a position of authority / noted achievement, you best be Buddha. I got significant character questions otherwise…

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