Documents Reveal NSA Targets “Leaky” Apps Such As Angry Birds To Spy On Smartphone Users

Are virally popular, addictive phone games nothing more than a fiendish plot to get us to install spyware on our devices?The latest from the Snowden document trove via the Guardian:

The National Security Agency and its UK counterpart GCHQ have been developing capabilities to take advantage of “leaky” smartphone apps, such as the wildly popular Angry Birds game, that transmit users’ private information across the internet.

The data ranges from phone model to personal details such as age, gender, current location (through geolocation), education level, sexual orientation – one app recorded even specific sexual preferences such as whether or not the user may be a swinger.

One mobile ad platform, Millennial Media, appeared to offer particularly rich information. Millennial Media’s has partnered with Rovio on a special edition of Angry Birds; with Farmville maker Zynga; with Call of Duty developer Activision, and many other major franchises.


3 Comments on "Documents Reveal NSA Targets “Leaky” Apps Such As Angry Birds To Spy On Smartphone Users"

  1. Jonas Planck | Jan 29, 2014 at 2:20 pm |

    I always knew there was something shady about those Smurfs…

  2. Jonas Planck | Jan 30, 2014 at 10:31 pm |

    Incidentally, this is why I use a different mini browser for each different genre of porn I consume. Let them connect the dots! I wonder what sort of pervert I’ll be today…

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