Gangs Used Freemasons To Corrupt Police

New Scotland Yard sign 3The Freemasons, gangs and police in question are in Great Britain, but it would be surprising if exactly this kind of thing wasn’t happening in America too. From The Independent:

Secret networks of Freemasons have been used by organised crime gangs to corrupt the criminal justice system, according to a bombshell Metropolitan Police report leaked to The Independent.

Operation Tiberius, written in 2002, found underworld syndicates used their contacts in the controversial brotherhood to “recruit corrupted officers” inside Scotland Yard, and concluded it was one of “the most difficult aspects of organised crime corruption to proof against”.

The report – marked “Secret” – found serving officers in East Ham east London who were members of the Freemasons attempted to find out which detectives were suspected of links to organised crime from other police sources who were also members of the society.

Famous for its secret handshakes, Freemasonry has long been suspected of having members who work in the criminal justice system – notably the judiciary and the police.

The political establishment and much of the media often dismiss such ideas as the work of conspiracy theorists. However, Operation Tiberius is the second secret police report revealed by The Independent in the last six months to highlight the possible issue.

Project Riverside, a 2008 report on the rogue private investigations industry by the Serious Organised Crime Agency, also claimed criminals attempt to corrupt police officers through Freemason members in a bid to further their interests.

Concerns over the influence of freemasons on the criminal justice system in 1998 led former Home Secretary Jack Straw to order that all police officers and judges should declare membership of the organisation.

However, ten of Britain’s 43 police forces refused to take part and the policy was dropped under threat of legal action. In England and Wales, the Grand Master of the Freemasons is Prince Edward, Duke of Kent. The United Grand Lodge of England declined to comment last night…

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6 Comments on "Gangs Used Freemasons To Corrupt Police"

  1. Liam_McGonagle | Jan 13, 2014 at 10:17 am |

    ” . . . Grand Master of the Freemasons is Prince Edward, Duke of Kent. The United Grand Lodge of England declined to comment last night.”

    Well, I think that answers all my questions. Thank you for your time, Your Highness. . . .

  2. I don’t believe this story.

  3. Gjallarbru | Jan 13, 2014 at 11:05 am |

    As a mason, of a French lodge, that doesn’t align itself with the Grand Lodge of England, I find this both amusing and offensive.

    Offensive, because that isn’t what masonry is about. To twist masonry in this fashion makes membership in the brotherhood more troublesome. It turns away potential members that, obivously, want nothing to do with this sort of story. These kind of members shouldn’t have been admitted in ther first place. But then, I know of a few of the English lodges that only require payment if you want to be a master mason.

    I find it funny, because the end, this is exactly what all the conspiracies theories are about. Can you blame people for entertaining such ideas about masons with such situations going on?

  4. Calypso_1 | Jan 13, 2014 at 1:44 pm |

    Revolving door.
    Business as usual.

    • It sells books, that’s for sure.

      • Liam_McGonagle | Jan 14, 2014 at 10:26 am |

        Well, while this sort of thing grabs headlines because in the absence of clear information we’re left to imagine what happens behind close doors. But the impulse and dynamics underlying the whole thing are not mysterious.

        People feel freer to act when they believe they are not being observed. And modern production paradigms leverage a high degree of specialization that creates opacity.

        So the people closest to the moving parts of this social machinery feel they NEED to hide their activities from the rest of us. It may or may not be morally defensible or particularly adaptible or efficient, but you have to admit that it would create a high degree of emotional stress for these people to believe their every move were being monitored.

        Ordinary people, every one of you, do this all the time, albeit with far smaller consequence. For example, I’m told that it is the norm in most earthling societies for mating pairs to copulate in secret areas, aware from public scrutiny.

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