Green Wizardry with John Michael Greer

Down at the Crossroads— Podcast: #040 — Green Wizardry, with John Michael Greer

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040_green_wizardryHello and thank you for joining me Down at the Crossroads where we turn the pagan community on its head to watch it flail about like a beetle on its back.  Tonight, we are joined once again by author and Grand Archdruid of the Ancient Order of Druids in America, John Michael Greer to discuss his new book Green Wizardry: Conservation, Solar Power, Organic Gardening, and other Hands-On Skills from the Appropriate Tech Toolkit and boy do we talk.  This is one heavy in your face conversation where we also discuss the Pagan community and where it may be heading.  You might be surprised!

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Pagan artist, witch, animist, and host of "Down at the Crossroads" a podcast that features one on one interviews and discussions with today’s most influential Pagan artists, authors, musicians, teachers, leaders, bloggers, podcasters, and more! Exploring topics that will turn the Pagan community on its head in an attempt to gain a new perspective on life, all while hearing some great music by today’s greatest Pagan and Pagan inspired musicians and bands.Down at the Crossroads is where today’s Paganism crosses paths with the world!

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  1. There’s some good info. It’s always great to get wisdom from our elders.

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