Inside the Mind of a Paranormal Intelligence Agent

PIAIt’s hard to believe that the self-styled Paranormal Intelligence Agency is a business employing 16 people, but here are the details courtesy of Vocativ:

Got a Big Foot or space alien in your backyard? Government agents in black helicopters? Sheepsquatch? Just call Jack Cary, founder and director of the Paranormal Intelligence Agency.

Jack Cary is in the business of mystery solving, but he’s no regular detective. As the founding director of the Paranormal Intelligence Agency (PIA), the 40-year-old has dedicated his life to cracking some of the world’s most bizarre cases.

The “agency,” which consists of Cary and 15 investigators across the United States, is privately funded and not affiliated with any other organizations, government or otherwise. To some extent, it works like a real intelligence agency, gathering intel and monitoring event patterns to form educated hypotheses. But the PIA focuses most of its investigative powers on life’s big mysteries, like Sasquatch (he’s real), UFO sightings (happen all the time), animal mutilations (possible government agency doing this), werewolves (their existence is still under investigation), and sudden, world-changing incidents known as “black swan” events (9/11, catastrophic solar flares).

In one recent report on his website, Cary speculates that the newly launched Chinese moon rover might discover the secret U.S. military base on the moon. (Remote viewers have already detected both people and buildings on Mars, FYI.)

Because paranormal activity is so unpredictable, Cary is always on call, ready to dispatch an investigator or rush to the scene himself. In addition to his 15 years of experience investigating the paranormal, Cary says he has a background in the U.S. Navy working on special operations intelligence on a submarine, with top-secret security clearance. We chatted with Cary about the PIA, meeting his first ghost, “cryptid” animals (species studied in the field of cryptozoology), and his views on the apparently astronomical amount of cattle mutilations happening these days. Spoiler: Vampires aren’t real. Sorry, girls.

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  1. Yikes the bevelling on the lettering in their logo is gonna keep me awake tonight…

  2. InfvoCuernos | Jan 19, 2014 at 2:41 pm |

    ya, but do they have a dog and a Mystery Machine?

    • Feeling like a Scobby snack.
      I think it’s totally awesome that these guys even exist.

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