Michigan Woman Finds Four-Foot Snake Living In Her Second-Hand Couch

As obsessive-compulsive as I am about bedbugs and other creepy crawlies, I’ve never taken in a second-hand couch off of the street. The thought of having a four-foot snake come slithering out of one pretty much seals the deal. I actually like snakes – I’ve owned a couple – but generally prefer them to be invited guests rather than suddenly discovered interlopers.

Via ABC:

  • echar

    The snake is likely worth more in currency than the couch.

    • Matt Staggs

      You’re probably right. Pythons aren’t cheap.

  • Cortacespedes

    My sister had a 6 foot snake living on her couch once. She didn’t have to call a pest control service to get rid of it, just a divorce lawyer.