So a Naked Guy Walks Into a Bar With a Bag Full of Sex Toys…

No punchline. Unless you’re waiting in line to get punched. What a dildo.

Via HuffPo:

David Sherratt allegedly walked into a bar — naked from the waist down, carrying a bag of sex toys — and asked if anyone had a problem.

But the punch line never came — Sherratt was arrested before he could fight anyone, which he allegedly attempted to do, according to The Mirror.

He appeared in a U.K. court Thursday after the Nov. 16 pub flub. Police say the 51-year-old waltzed into The White Hart bar in Tunstall “in a state of nakedness,” and carrying a bag of dildos. He allegedly declared that he’d fight anyone who didn’t like it.

“He turned to face the customers and said, ‘If anyone has a problem with me they can take it outside,'” Prosecutor Steve Knowles said in a North Staffordshire court Thursday.

A bartender didn’t even call cops until Sherratt walked out and allegedly approached a group of kids. That’s when Sherratt admitted he “may have taken too much” amphetamine.

Officers reported finding the illegal amphetamines, clothing and dildos in the bag, the Stoke Sentinel reports. One of the clothing items was a jacket, which Sherratt admitted to stealing.

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  • Adam’s Shadow

    “That’s when Sherratt admitted he “may have taken too much” amphetamine.”

    No shit?

  • InfvoCuernos

    Winter in Tunstall UK? He’s lucky he didn’t get coldcocked.